Dutch lawyers planning to sue ASR and Achmea for €1.2bn

Wakkerpolis lawyer reveals big plans to tackle hidden charges in investment insurance


NN Group sued €3.2bn for "unjust" investment insurance

Claims group accuses NN Group of refusing to meet to discuss settlement


ABI welcomes UK government plan for dormant insurance assets

Unclaimed long-term savings to be given to charity


Eiopa warns against conflicts of interest for insurance distribution directive

Intermediaries could recommend certain unit-linked products based on their own portfolio


Board governance the focus in Enterprise failure investigation

The Gibraltar regulator believes it may have been "consistently misled" by Enterprise's board on its solvency. Peter Taylor, its director of legal enforcement, speaks to Callum Tanner about the ongoing probe


Ex-Enterprise directors could face two years in prison

Gibraltar regulator considering criminal proceedings, but has limited power to fine


Conduct risk fears scupper UK secondary annuity market

Treasury blames lack of potential buyers


FCA probes six life insurers over fees

Investigation could lead to fines and compensation payments to policyholders


Eiopa sets out retail risk indicators

Ratios and measures will not trigger automatic supervisory action