Covid and Great Resignation 'popped the lid' on people risk

US insurance experts at the Insurance Risk & Capital Americas conference explained how Covid-19 has led insurers to up their game as people risk challenges begin to bite. Paul Walsh reports


CRO Forum warns insurers to prepare for more pandemics

It assesses how Covid-19 has impacted re/insurers' liabilities and asset management


Apra criticises "breakdown" in BI insurers' risk management

Australian regulator required self-assessment by 10 business interruption underwriters


UK High Court rules in favour of insurers in Covid-19 business interruption case

The judgement against Stonegate Pub Co. 'significant for the entire insurance industry'


NHS funding will be major headwind for UK longevity assumptions

On the positive side, Hymans Robertson expert points to a potential anti-ageing drug


IR&C Americas: US insurers reveal the impact of the Great Resignation

Conference attendees were also polled about the changes to working practices in the post-Covid era


Insurance Risk & Capital Americas conference starts today

The in-person conference is being held at etc.venues in New York.


Harness insurers' expertise in public risk pools, says ex-Pool Re chief

At RVS 2022, Julian Enoizi said public-private pools should be formed "pre-disaster"


Pandemic BI dispute just one symptom of poor risk management, says Apra

Australian regulator Helen Rowell identifies three areas for improvement