Extraordinary weather takes its toll on Gjensidige

Norwegian insurer’s 2018 profits hampered by weather conditions


IASB to amend IFRS 17 on reinsurance, acquisition costs and investment service elements

Board members overwhelmingly support staff recommendations


Philippines delays IFRS 17 effective date to 2023

Insurers bombarded with challenges, says Commissioner Funa


EY Canada to establish excellence hub for insurers

The centre will help insurers with regulatory change and digital transformation


Global actuaries consult on IFRS 17 learning material

IAA publishes non-binding document to help actuaries familiarise with subject


Canadian insurer picks Moody's Analytics to implement IFRS 17

Existing working relationship laid foundation for partnership, says vendor


US life firms under pressure from accounting overhaul

It has been billed as the biggest change in US accounting rules for decades. But reportage of the new US GAAP LDTI standard remains sparse. Since coming into effect in August, with an implementation deadline of 2021, companies have been scrambling to assess the impact. Sarfraz Thind reports


Belgian insurer uses Moody's Analytics for IFRS 17

Vendor selection followed "extensive" trial


IASB to review contract aggregation in IFRS 17

Insurers could present contracts at portfolio level instead of group level


Analysts concerned by optionality in IFRS 17

But they hope comparability will improve in future, says KPMG