SSQ creates more than 200 roles for IFRS 17 implementation

Canadian mutual enters “production phase” of preparation


Principles-based approach of IFRS 17 defended

IASB board member Darrel Scott makes the case at InsuranceERM’s IFRS 17 conference


Insurers exchange ideas to improve engagement on IFRS 17

Skills shortage, getting different teams on board and managing communications are top issues


Canadian insurer to partner with SAS for IFRS 17 implementation

Collaboration brings additional benefits beyond compliance, says SAS


Investors prepared for "messy" transition to IFRS 17

Panellists at InsuranceERM's IFRS 17 conference call for close communication with stakeholders


Generali plans IFRS 17 skills programme

Panellists at InsuranceERM's IFRS 17 conference in London have discussed how the insurance industry can attract the requisite skillset for the insurance accounting standard IFRS 17.


Don't postpone IFRS 17 deadline again, says Allianz

Cintia Cheong asks Remo Cavegn, Allianz One.Finance programme director, about why the 2022 deadline should stay and how the German insurer is managing to stay ahead of the game


Proposed changes to IFRS 17 transitional arrangements "not far enough"

David Wilson, IFRS 17 programme director at Aegon UK, tells Cintia Cheong what he thinks of the recently proposed amendments to the accounting standard, and how the company will achieve a consistent implementation while leveraging Solvency II processes


Reinsurance structures under threat from IFRS 17 accounting change

Challenges remain from non-proportional contracts and different measurement models, assumptions, aggregations and coverage units


IFRS 17 could push life products out of the market

Colin Dutkiewicz warns of the potential implications of the new accounting standard