IFRS 17: more insurers will buy CSM engine instead of building it

Finding talent still a bigger concern than securing budget


"Blockchain was almost created for the reinsurance industry" - Scor COO

Romain Launay highlights Scor’s use of machine learning and AI


Efrag board highlights IFRS 17 issues to IASB

Six topics “merit further consideration”, Efrag says


Malaysian insurer warns of IFRS 17 interpretation issues for takaful contracts

Local insurers seem "ahead of the game" in implementation progress


Chesnara boosted by with-profits surplus release

UK run-off business generates £27m of capital


Efrag avoids discussion on IFRS 17 implementation timelines

TEG members reluctant to vote on remaining issues


IFRS 17 presents data integration challenge "more than anything else"

No one-size-fits-all solution for upgrading technology, Deloitte expert says


FIS boosts Prophet's IFRS 17 capabilities

Q3 update adds functionality to support PAA approach


Efrag makes preliminary call on IFRS 17 issues and timeline

The EU accounting standards advisory body has acknowledged the "very challenging" implementation timelines for IFRS 17 and shared its thoughts on other potential problems with the incoming standard for insurance contracts. Cintia Cheong and Christopher Cundy report


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