UK regulator's "worst case" ERM proposal could make life insurer insolvent

Ex-Bank of England employee analyses Just’s assumptions around equity release mortgages


Equity release mortgage lending "a scandal like Equitable Life"

Durham University professor warns of major errors in insurers' valuation


Equity release mortgages: stopping the roof falling in

The Prudential Regulation Authority has shaken up life insurers by proposing new assumptions around the valuation of ERMs. The more prudent approach seeks to avoid a potential disaster if house prices stagnate or crash, but the impact on insurers could be serious. Christopher Cundy reports


Munich Re tightens coal underwriting and divestment policies

No more re/insurance for coal mines and power plants in developed countries


UK bulk annuity market on track for record year

Insurers can be “relatively choosy” over deals, says Aon


Hiscox profits rise as premiums increase all round

Major reallocation of investment portfolio


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Just warns of impact from regulator's matching adjustment reforms

UK life insurer is a major investor in equity release mortgages, the MA treatment of which is under scrutiny


Solvency II LTG measures could be more symmetric, says IMF

International Monetary Fund says reserves should be built up in good times


Eiopa catalogues insurer failures and near misses

Deficiencies in staff and governance systems seen as the most common causes of trouble at insurers