Insurers should take a fresh look at their own pension funds

UK Insurers that operate defined benefit pensions can reduce the cost of their regulatory capital if they take a more holistic view, says Yasheen Rajan


Mercer launches de-risking solution for UK pensions market

It should enable decisions to be made faster in volatile markets


Moody's stress-tests life insurers

More downgrades may result


How low interest rates hit the non-life sector

Pressure on pricing and profitability is the result


Insurers face up to underwriting for profit

Without their usual solid investment returns to fall back on, insurers will have to work harder to make a profit in 2009. Helen Yates considers their options.


Constructing a term structure of unconditional interest rate volatility

Making assumptions about uncertainty far into the future, as insurance companies have to, is fraught with difficulty, especially as the data is limited beyond 10 years. Steffen Sorensen of Barrie & Hibbert explains how to tackle this problem.


New EMB model blends maths with judgement

The firm is using it to branch out into investment consultancy


Swiss Re's capital could erode further, says Moody's

Winding down the legacy portfolios could prove more costly and more complex than predicted


Fitch says downgrades will increase

Over half the agency's universe could be hit


"Non-toxic" investments may hit European insurers' capital base

While some European firms are still reeling from investments in "toxic" paper, concern is mounting about potential losses in more mainstream holdings, as Sarfraz Thind reports