RSA de-risks pension schemes

Inflation, interest-rate and longevity risk have been eliminated on a third of the liabilities


Details released on Babcock longevity swap

With one deal completed, two more for Babcock group schemes are on the cards


Companies catch up on life expectancy assumptions

Firms with the lowest life expectancy assumptions have increased them more than the average


New model developed for future mortality rates

Actuarial Profession revises the old models based on 1999 data


Increases in life expectancy slowing

But it will go on improving indefinitely, say over one-third of companies surveyed by KPMG


£2bn more of longevity swaps possible by year-end

But market capacity will be a problem, reiterates Mercer


Mercer questions capacity of longevity swap market

Its advice: if you need a longevity swap, do it soon


Longevity hedges priced for over 50 pension plans

Lane Clark & Peacock predicts take-off for longevity protection


Pensions ready for longevity solutions

Banks have been touting the virtues of longevity swaps to pension funds for years. Now that the first deal has appeared, John Ferry asks, Will the market burgeon?


Breakthrough in longevity swaps predicted for this year

Lane Clark & Peacock is also upbeat about the buy-out market