"Foolish" for EU and US not to mutually recognise regulatory systems

Florida insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty criticises concept of one-size-fits-all insurance capital standard


No model law on the cards for US group capital calculation

Calculation is not intended to become a standard, US state regulator says


PwC appoints Montalvo

Former executive director of Eiopa joins consultancy's global insurance regulatory practice


Life insurers have become more systemic, says IMF

Global financial stability report calls for macroprudential framework


MEPs want Eiopa to sit at FSB table

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MetLife wins court ruling over systemic risk tag

Stock price jumps as insurer avoids higher capital requirements


Twelve insurers participate in PBR pilot project

Task force to adopt list of states with similar rules, clearing the way for 2017 take off


US on countdown for 'right size' reserves reform

At least 10 insurers are participating in a pilot programme on principles-based reserving, as the regulation edges closer to a 2017 launch


Regulatory capital top driver of EU reinsurance buying

US firms more concerned with rating agency capital, says Willis Re