EU and US release convergence plan

Five-year plan includes fully risk-based capital requirements


Australia beats Europe on regulatory overhaul

Australia has succeeded where Europe has seemingly failed by implementing new solvency capital regulations for insurers in three years – with relatively few delays. The standards will be implemented on 1 January 2013 and follow a broadly similar approach to Solvency II. Lorna Davies reports


The financial crisis is still the biggest ERM challenge

Persistently low interest rates continue to pose problems, says Munich Re's Jürgen Dümont


Capital requirements for G-SIIs should be "last resort"

Insurance Europe and IIF respond to consultation on systemically risky insurers


US has time to overcome PBR objections, says Leonardi

Principles-based reserving for life insurers could take five years to introduce


Basel III not right for insurers, says NAIC

US bank-centric rules could cause an overreliance on capital


Colombian insurance industry set for growth

Gross premium will reach COP20.3trn by 2016, says AM Best


Prudential's London HQ conditional on Solvency II

But insurer has "special connection" to city, says CEO


US ORSA heralds a brave new world

Last month, the NAIC adopted the Risk Management Own Risk and Solvency Assessment model act. The move marks a dramatic shift for the industry and US insurers should start preparing for the 'game-changing' ORSA now, not wait until 2015, say Howard Mills and Elisabetta Russo