SAM implementation date will be swayed by Solvency II

South Africa's Solvency Assessment Management (SAM) regime has already been delayed once to 1 January 2015, a decision met with relief from the industry, but if Solvency II is delayed to 2015, it's likely to push back South Africa's plans as well. In part 2 of our South Africa articles, Lorna Davies looks at challenges facing the country's insurance market


South Africa's version of Solvency II will be moulded to the local market

So says the ex-FSA man who runs South Africa's SAM project. The directive's resemblance to Solvency II includes provoking complaints from insurers over costs and proportionality. Some firms are concerned that the new framework threatens growth and profitability, as Lorna Davies reports


US and EU consult on regulatory co-operation

Hearings will be held in Washington and Brussels


Eiopa and FINMA sign MoU

Will ensure optimal cooperation for international insurers, authorities say


Chile edges towards risk-based capital for insurers

Chilean insurers were strong enough to weather the financial crisis and the devastating 2010 earthquake. Now they're readying themselves for a framework similar to pillar 2 of Solvency II, while awaiting the regulator's plan for pillar 1, as Rodrigo Leiva explains


BMA delays capital regime for life insurers

An extra year added after trials of smaller firms


NAIC adopts ORSA model act

Needs approval from each state but should pass by 2015


Don't use size as main criterion for GSIIs, says Bernardino

Non-traditional and non-insurance activities more relevant


Interest rates will be primary risk under Japan's new solvency regime

Most life insurers have reduced exposure to domestic equities, says Fitch


NAIC's ORSA identified as top insurance risk trend in North America

SunGard lists 10 developments shaping firms' strategies