Vaughan leaves NAIC

Announces retirement after four years as CEO


US has "no intention" of going through equivalence assessment

US not like Japan, Switzerland and Bermuda, says NAIC president


Greenberg: "Insurers face regulatory assault"

Solvency II is "overly bureaucratic", says Ace CEO


Asia seeks to marry best of Solvency II with local insurance needs

Some large Asian insurers are raising the level of their risk and capital management to reflect key elements of Solvency II but in its detail the directive represents a European framework and may not fit all requirements of Asian markets, as Graham Handy, Philip Rodd, Russel Lok and Sumit Narayanan explain


NAIC: "If we respect the differences, we can make this work"

On a visit to London, the NAIC top brass make it clear where they stand on equivalence. "We are not adopting Solvency II and Europe is not adopting the US system and that is okay," says Kevin McCarty, NAIC president. The key issue is making it easy for transatlantic firms to do business, stresses his colleague, CEO Terri Vaughan, in the interview with InsuranceERM


Australia, Chile and Israel interested in SII equivalence

European Commission has asked for seven countries to be assessed by Eiopa


FIO is "not a regulatory authority"

McRaith addresses issues on the new US Treasury arm


"Expect more creative reinsurance structures to be used in Europe"

There's also an opportunity for reinsurers outside Europe to reinsure European risks, says Pete Thomas


Geneva Association comments on Dodd-Frank guidance

Issue is Federal Reserve authority over non-banks


SII will impact Europe-US insurance business ownership

Fitch provides US view of the directive