US in regulation talks with EU

Equivalence is on agenda for Frankfurt meeting


FCA regulation is inappropriate, say BIBA and IIB

Broker associations want the new authority to take a fresh look at regime


Japanese insurers and the "Solvency II effect"

Last week Eiopa reported that Japan meets the criteria for equivalence assessment under Solvency II, but with certain caveats. Kunihisa Kawasaki describes the steps Japan has taken to update its risk-based capital insurance framework but says the country can't just "cut and paste" Solvency II.


Will Qatar succeed in the captive market?

Perhaps with an eye on the captive insurers in European locations concerned at forthcoming Solvency II regulations, as well as on the exploding demand for financial services in the Gulf, Qatar has launched an ambitious bid to become a base for captives. Lorna Davies assesses its chances of success.


Bermuda awaits Eiopa's equivalence review

Bermuda's bid for "equivalence" with Europe under Solvency II has generated regulatory moves that are similar to those in the directive. Ahead of the results of Eiopa's assessment of the island's insurance regime, Lorna Davies gauges opinion in Bermuda.


Other markets seek inspiration from Solvency II

While Switzerland, the US and Bermuda are seen as the most important countries in terms of equivalence with Solvency II, other jurisdictions are also pressing ahead in developing similar risk-based regulation. Lorna Davies reports.