Towers Watson reviews Lloyd's guidance on technical provisions

It highlights some major changes from current practice


Expect higher capital demands, CEIOPS confirms

Final advice on MCR and underwriting risk published


Lloyd's publishes technical provisions guidance

Will lead to significant changes under Solvency II


CEIOPS publishes advice on equivalence

Finalizes its criteria for countries seeking Solvency II parity


CEIOPS begins new phase of Solvency II

No significant changes in pre-application guidance


Commission clarifies stance on Solvency II date

Two-month delay not ruled out


Solvency II: how much should the CEO know?

From the ORSA and risk management software to models and the use test, insurance company CEOs will face new tests of their knowledge as Solvency II approaches. Jessica Baylis asked five risk experts about the level of understanding that supervisors will expect of the CEOs.


"Solvency II will allow focused insurers to prosper"

The reward: more stable and predictable capital, says Bernstein


CROs must earn their place on the board

A CRO's greatest challenge is conveying the complexities of risk to their CEO. In an interview with Jessica Baylis, Kiln's Andrew Hitchcox advises on how this can be overcome and argues for a greater focus on model breakdown risk.


Sharma backs industry lobbying on Solvency II

And says Commission is responsive to change