GRF will focus on regulation

Members will be CEOs or senior executives, allowing a fast response to regulatory moves


CRO Forum defends the internal model

The standard model is remarkably similar, yet doesn't attract the same level of criticism


Recognize insurance is different from banking, CEA tells G20

The Federation reiterates its concerns as G20 summit nears


Solvency II and IFRS are diverging, says Deloitte

CEIOPS is adopting a more conservative approach than the IASB


CEIOPS responds to IASB on financial instruments

Close alignment between Solvency II and IFRS is the aim


CEIOPS receives over 20,000 comments on consultation papers

It will finalize its advice at the end of October


CEA complains of CEIOPS' "excessive prudence"

The European insurers say the supervisors have ratcheted up financial requirements for Solvency II


CEIOPS "has overreacted to the financial crisis"

PwC says this is insurers' overwhelming response to the summer consultation papers


How level will the Solvency II playing field be?

Some in the UK fear the FSA will apply the directive more strictly than its continental counterparts. Will "harmonization" succeed? Jessica Baylis investigates


Global Reinsurance Forum set up

Swiss Re, Munich Re, Lloyd's, XL Capital and RGA are among the founders