Europe agrees to sweeping regulatory changes

Finance ministers pave way for new pan-European bodies


IFRS can serve as a convergence point

It will help export an economic view in accounting into regulation that has so far been mostly concentrated on European insurers, argues Lukas Ziewer


Most "third" countries seek equivalence assessment

CEIOPS sends final advice to EC: US and Japan are issues


QIS5 spreadsheets published

CEIOPS is providing tools to encourage high participation


CEA urges QIS5 participation

Series of workshops to help firms is under way


Solvency II drives 49% rise in Lloyd's actuaries

Survey shows increase will continue next year


CRO Forum considers data extrapolation best practice

Paper outlines and discusses four principles


Equivalence debate hots up

A lot of horse-trading between Europe and the US will be needed if equivalence is to be recognized for the US under Solvency II. Some European insurers with big operations in the US already have a plan B in place, as Jessica Baylis reports.


Aviva defends itself over £5bn RSA bid

Solvency II will confirm logic of composite insurance model, board says


Solvency II will boost ILS demand

Insurers using internal models will buy more risk transfer products