Latest illiquidity premium proposal welcomed

A step in right direction, says industry expert


Associations set out proposals for illiquidity premium

CEA, CRO Forum and CFO Forum send 16-page letter to EC


Expect early intervention and more scrutiny, FSA warns insurers

Hogg says FSA is taking more intensive approach


Insurers warned again about skimping QIS5 tasks

"Start work before August or cancel your summer holidays," says Towers Watson


QIS5 capital levels up 30% from QIS4, study reveals

Complete QIS5 or be forced to use the standard formula, EMB warns


"UK Life" solvency ratio falls under QIS5

Milliman's scenario-testing using a notional life insurer reveals a likely decline in the standard formula solvency ratio, worsened by the fall-out from the financial crisis. Scott Mitchell and Fred Vosvenieks explain


Majority of UK insurers have not approved Solvency II budget

One in five hasn't even drawn one up


"QIS5 is only a stepping stone"

Insurers need to continue lobbying and maintain vigilance in order to ensure that the concessions made towards the industry by the European Commission on 15 April are sustained. The proposals could change yet again and cause further upward pressure on capital requirements, warns one of the respondents to our questions on the QIS5 draft.


Implications of Solvency II delay are unclear

Firms may consider changing their year-end date to benefit