Insurers to benefit from restructuring of Spain's banks

Moody's notes banks' role in distributing life products


Dutch regulator to test SI and SII in parallel

The Dutch regulator is set to test the readiness of the country's insurers for Solvency with a parallel run of the old and the new regimes between May and August. There will also be an ORSA dress-rehearsal at the end of the year. Lorna Davies reports


Insurers reduce exposures to "peripheral" countries

But significant risks remain for Generali and Groupama


Solvency II impact on product development to be analysed

One of Eiopa's objectives in 2012, says Bernardino


Talks on expected profits in future premiums deadlocked

Industry and supervisors on task force fail to agree


Solvency II unlikely to spark wave of relocations, says Fitch

US equivalence talks critical, according to Skinner


Van Hulle defends Solvency II

UK prime minister says the legislation is "ill thought-out"


Delay to Solvency II would be "good solution" for Italy

Italian insurers are struggling in their preparations for Solvency II as the sovereign debt crisis has ravaged portfolios and led to large cuts in ratings. Extending the deadline is therefore likely to help companies and the regulator, industry experts tell Sarfraz Thind


German manoeuvring on Omnibus II raises hackles

Insiders say Berlin is trying to sneak through "early extrapolation" (of the future risk-free rate), which suits its insurance sector, and stifle other nations' support for matching premiums and counter-cyclical premiums. Feelings are running high ahead of the ECON vote on the directive, as Sarfraz Thind reports


Solvency II extra year is vital for Spain

Many in Spain's insurance industry are struggling to keep up the momentum needed to be ready for the onerous demands of Solvency II. So both regulators and insurers in Spain seem to be grateful to have at least an extra year to prepare for implementation of the directive, as Lorna Davies reports