Poland and Canada join IAIS memorandum

As well as the Isle of Man and Luxembourg


IORP QIS "should recognise specific pension characteristics"

Insurance Europe responds to Eiopa on draft specifications for study


Eastern Europe Solvency II preparations dominated by groups

Many of Eastern Europe's insurers are affiliates of international groups. In theory, this should help insurers in the region to prepare for Solvency II. In practice, lack of local technical expertise is compounded by scant attention from the parent companies, as Sarfraz Thind reports


FINMA reviews Swiss Solvency Test in light of SII

While the Swiss regulator is firmly against some aspects of Solvency II, it is refining the Swiss Solvency Test to align it more closely with the EU directive and admits its model approval process could have been better thought-out, as Sarfraz Thind explains


"Solvency II is more complex than it should have been" - Montalvo

The Eiopa chief says demands for increasing granularity have added complexity but the directive's core principle is solid - and the 2014 start date can still be met. Lorna Davies reports


SII discount-rate regime to phase in over seven years

European Parliament proposal will ease pressure on technical provisions


Solvency II goes global

Solvency II, even before it goes live, is having an impact far beyond the 30 European countries it applies to. Three countries have applied for equivalence with the EU regime, eight others are interested in the transitional equivalence provisions and other countries are adopting some of the principles of Solvency II, as Lorna Davies reports


Insurers could cope with Grexit

But only if it's orderly, says Fitch


Lloyd's Market Association issues guidance on Euro exit

Note highlights premium and claims issues in case of Euro fall-out


Nordic insurers need above-average adjustment of portfolios under SII

Equities make up 25-40% of portfolio; European average is 8%