Solvency II: how much should the CEO know?

From the ORSA and risk management software to models and the use test, insurance company CEOs will face new tests of their knowledge as Solvency II approaches. Jessica Baylis asked five risk experts about the level of understanding that supervisors will expect of the CEOs.


CROs must earn their place on the board

A CRO's greatest challenge is conveying the complexities of risk to their CEO. In an interview with Jessica Baylis, Kiln's Andrew Hitchcox advises on how this can be overcome and argues for a greater focus on model breakdown risk.


Insurance groups pass solvency test

CEIOPS publishes results of EU-wide stress tests


Keeping it Simple

"Agent-based models" have been used successfully to replicate complex behaviours with very simple rules. Neil Cantle examines the implications for financial modelling.


Reinsurance shifts from risk mitigation to capital management

Reinsurance offers more flexibility than the capital markets since its structure can be adjusted to the development of the risk profile every year, says Margarita von Tautphoeus, head of Solvency consulting at Munich Re


Liquidity premium report is a step forward, says Towers Watson

But the price of annuities is still likely to rise


Task force report details liquidity premium choices

Main points highlighted by CEIOPS' group on the liquidity/illiquidity premium issue


How Solvency II impacts risk calibration

For those companies interested in developing a partial or full internal model, a proper understanding of article 101 and its consequences for model architecture and calibration-related issues is crucial, explain Marc Beckers and Jürgen Wielandts


Hannover Re raises $500m from Deutsche Bank

Sets up credit facility for expansion of life business


"Train, don't hire, for internal models"

Towers Watson gives advice for pre-pre-application phase