FSA's Morgan says CP56 requirements "quite stretching"

Insurers should use the CEIOPS paper to highlight their gaps


Moody's highlights Solvency I ratio inconsistencies

Definitions differ across Europe, so more than just the solvency ratios have to be considered


European captives face capital pressures from Solvency II

Closing down or exiting the EU may be the result, says AM Best


KPMG comments on internal model governance proposals

KPMG has provided commentary on some of the key CEIOPS' consultation papers (CPs) issued on 3 July. The main issues: internal model governance and technical provisions. KPMG's analysis below covers CPs 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 56, as well as the addendum to 37. Further papers are covered in today's other feature.


Watson Wyatt comments on standard formula proposals

This is our edited selection from Watson Wyatt's commentary on some of the main CEIOPS' consultation papers (CPs) issued on 3 July. The selection here mainly covers the standard formula and the capital add-on, looking at CPs 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 and 57. Further papers are covered in today's other feature.


How much of your model do you need to understand?

A senior manager should at least understand the questions the model is trying to answer, and their impact on the firm's business model, argues Craig Turnbull


PwC urges insurance industry to lobby CEIOPS

The Solvency II level two implementing measures are not a done deal


CEIOPS' paper on internal model approval summarized

KPMG highlights the key points of this weighty consultation paper as well as those on technical provisions


The modellers, not the models, failed

We should remember Nobel laureate Robert Merton's warning that "models are not at all precise in their application to the complex real world," argue Athula Alwis and Dave Ingram


Experts react to CEIOPS' consultation papers

Watson Wyatt has published its initial analysis of the 1,100 pages of documents put out last week.