Watson Wyatt starts sale process for VIPitech

Towers Watson would be able to provide implementation support to acquirer


Watson Wyatt to sell off VIPitech

This will allow EC clearance of Towers Perrin/WW merger


Searching for the unattainable?

Solvency II not only demands masses of extra reporting from insurers to be produced in much shorter time periods, it also expects this to be much more rigorously controlled and documented. How are actuarial business processes and technology responding?


IERM's top stories chart 2009's risk management challenges

The financial crisis and the toughening demands of Solvency II have been a combined test like no other for companies this year


Algo partners with B& H and SecondFloor on Solvency II

The partnership is offering solutions for reporting SCR


Watson Wyatt launches VIPitech Enterprise

It separates the model development and production environments


EU examines Towers Perrin/Watson Wyatt merger

In the spotlight: common ownership of MoSes and VIPitech


Chinese buy B & H's economic scenarios

New China Life wants them for its strategic asset allocation


Ernst & Young licenses Igloo audit version

It will aid independent validation of insurers' models


EMB releases Igloo Compact Edition

It's aimed at companies starting capital modelling