2011 highlighted long-term investment role of insurers

Some adjustment to Solvency II will be needed for that role to continue, according to the ABI's Ulrich Zink


Eiopa concerned at European Parliament reporting proposal

Bernardino tells Balz to consider proportional approach


"Expect more creative reinsurance structures to be used in Europe"

There's also an opportunity for reinsurers outside Europe to reinsure European risks, says Pete Thomas


"Confirm definitive guidance on level 2 and 3 measures as soon as possible"

UK clients just want to get on with Solvency II, stresses Karl Murphy


Solvency II shows the perils of not focusing on technical details

John Hibbert suggests that there are parallels between the way the Euro-zone debt crisis and Solvency II are being handled by Brussels


"Regulators should note industry resilience in a catastrophic year"

They should build this into their thinking on systemic risk, say Andrew Cox


"Incorporate the industry's work into Solvency II"

This could help produce a world-class prudential regulatory system, says Aviva CRO Robin Spencer


Sweden's insurers struggle to get ready for Solvency II

Despite strong QIS5 results, market participants agree that Sweden's insurers need to do a lot of work to get up to speed for Solvency II. Extending the go-live date to 2014 could bring much needed relief for both insurers and regulators, as Sarfraz Thind reports


Lloyd's publishes three-year plan

Market will continue lobbying for Solvency II proportionality


Cat model guidelines are not "another regulatory burden"

Last week's publication by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) of guidelines on industry good practice for cat models continues to attract comment, the latest from Willis Re, one of the collaborators on the paper