Bermuda awaits Eiopa's equivalence review

Bermuda's bid for "equivalence" with Europe under Solvency II has generated regulatory moves that are similar to those in the directive. Ahead of the results of Eiopa's assessment of the island's insurance regime, Lorna Davies gauges opinion in Bermuda.


Preparing for the new ORSA requirements

Solvency standards have moved from being more retrospective to a stage where an insurer is required to know whether it has enough capital for the risks ahead. David Ingram of Willis Re and Gaurav Kapoor of MetricStream analyse the impact of the own risk and solvency assessment.


Should insurers be stressing over Eiopa's capital tests?

Eiopa's insurance stress tests have come under fire, and with Solvency II still in development are they out of date already? Lorna Davies reports.


Solvency II: to delay or not to delay?

A delay to Solvency II appears inevitable, but there are competing views as to how this should be achieved. Michael Faulkner reports on the implications of a postponement.


Bernardino: "Two-year transitional adequate for hybrid debt"

Speaking exclusively to InsuranceERM, chairman of Eiopa Gabriel Bernardino dismisses criticisms that Solvency II will damage the insurance industry but says fine tuning is needed. Michael Faulkner reports.


FSA's IMAP to target large firms

The UK authority's internal model approvals process (IMAP) is to concentrate on firms with the biggest market share, Julian Adams explained to the FSA Solvency II Conference in London yesterday. He also mapped out other stages on the route to implementation of the directive.


Insurer stress tests will "help gauge Solvency II preparedness"

But exercise is not without controversy, says Towers Watson


Aviva "concerned" at group support decision

A key element of Solvency II has been excised, says Aviva's Teddy Nyahasha


Why ERM is critical for small and medium-sized European insurers

Small and medium-sized firms should embrace enterprise risk management and be alive to opportunities presented by Solvency II, writes Mike Wilkinson


Is the test of use too loose?

Internal models for Solvency II should be fully embedded in the business but official guidance on this is quite vague, says John Ferry