IR&C Americas: US insurers reveal the impact of the Great Resignation

Conference attendees were also polled about the changes to working practices in the post-Covid era


IR&C Americas: Stagflation frightens insurers more than a recession

US chief risk officers and chief investment officers explain why stagflation would be painful


"Extremely dangerous" hurricane Ian strengthens to category 4

It is predicted to hit Florida this afternoon and cause catastrophic wind damage


IR&C Americas: Stagflation and excess corporate debt creating toxic cocktail of risk

Prudential Financial's Nick Silitch describes a global economy on the brink


Hurricane Ian threatens $258bn worth of Gulf Coast property, says CoreLogic

CoreLogic's Tom Jeffrey said Ian "has all the ingredients" needed for a bad storm surge event


Insurance Risk & Capital Americas conference starts today

The in-person conference is being held at etc.venues in New York.


Hurricane Fiona strikes Bermuda and bears down on Atlantic Canada

Insured losses from Fiona in the Caribbean alone are estimated to be around $300m


Lloyd's orders urgent stress test for Asian geopolitical tensions

Chief of markets Patrick Tiernan suggests three realistic disaster scenarios will be developed


Fidelis extends sustainable underwriting rules

"We don't have all the answers, but we need to start taking action," says Bermudian re/insurer