NAIC passes landmark model reinsurance law

Will allow reduction in collateral requirements for non-US reinsurers


Accounting differences hinder US-Canadian comparisons

Moody's contrasts US GAAP and C-IFRS for insurers


"US will achieve equivalence"

Likely to be temporarily covered by transitional measures, says Fitch


US coalition urges Congress to reform flood insurance

SmarterSafer encourages catastrophe bond usage


The US presses ahead with its ORSA

A draft ORSA proposal is due to be discussed, and is expected to be adopted, at the NAIC fall 2011 national meeting starting 3 November. The basis of the NAIC proposal, which could become a key part of the regulatory framework for US insurers, is the draft ORSA Guidance Manual, whose key points Jean Connolly, Maryellen Coggins, Brian Paton, Tom Sullivan, Henry Jupe and David Scheinerman discuss here.


Eiopa notes deviations between Bermudan regulation and Solvency II

Milliman comments on details of Eiopa's equivalence reports on Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland


Final equivalence reports released by Eiopa

Eiopa publishes assessments of Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland


Bermuda to start phasing in SCR at end of year

Follows trial run for small and medium-sized firms


Canada's pension assets may not match life expectancy

Many schemes are under-reserved for longevity risk, says Swiss Re


Concern grows over UK non-life reserve adequacy

Sector is struggling in economic environment, says AM Best