Irish motor insurers pledge Covid-19 premium relief

The support measures reflect an expected lower volume of claims during the Covid-19 pandemic


Lloyd's chief warns Covid-19 could dwarf major disaster losses

John Neal described the pandemic as the largest insurance challenge ever faced


New Zealand motor insurers to save NZ$35m in Covid-19 lockdown

The independent figure knocks speculation insurers would see savings of $100m


Reinsurers face $30bn Covid-19 hit to their capital base

Willis Re report details the pandemic's likely impact on the global reinsurance sector


Covid-19 single biggest loss in insurance history, says Chubb CEO

Greenberg says retroactive business interruption will "destroy" industry


Whisper it quietly... many UK motor insurers are offering Covid-19 refunds

US motor insurers have caught the headlines with multi-million-dollar rebates to customers. Their UK counterparts seem to be in the slow lane, but under the bonnet they are taking action, as Ronan McCaughey explains


Covid-19 to hit Chubb revenue "meaningfully" from Q2, says CEO

US attempts to force business interruption claim pay-outs are "simply unconstitutional"


US celebrity chefs demand insurers cover Covid-19 business losses

The group says they will "bring big legal action" in every US state


Covid-19 reveals the cracks in the US insurance system

US insurers have been getting a beating in their response to the Covid-19 crisis. Their latest move to rebate auto premiums shows the fissures in their approach and the lack of a cohesive regulatory response. Sarfraz Thind reports


Mitigate future pandemics with public-private partnerships, says Ferma

European risk management association writes to the European Commission urging action