Insurers tussle with Ogden rate assumptions

The UK government is due to announce a revision to the damages discount rate – at the same time as insurers are preparing their annual reports. Christopher Cundy reports


Why London is losing out to Bermuda after major catastrophes

The failure of the London Market to attract the majority of new reinsurance capital after major US catastrophes is in large part down to the flexibility of regulators. For now, Bermuda retains the advantage. Callum Tanner reports


Lloyd's responds to backlash over internal model change

Proposals to alter Lloyd's policy on internal model change have been rejected by managing agents and the corporation is scrambling to respond. Christopher Cundy reports


Flood Re reveals contrasts in UK insurers' flood modelling

Britain's flood reinsurance programme has exposed insurers' ability to model and manage flood risk, as Flood Re's chief actuary Gary McInally discusses with Christopher Cundy


The PRA's plan for a market-turning event

Supervisors are ready to help insurers understand how the new regulatory environment will respond in the event of an unprecedented major catastrophe, as explains Chris Moulder, director of general insurance at the Bank of England


UK insurers emphasise post-Brexit opportunity

Senior management from Lloyd's, L&G, Prudential and the ABI have presented evidence to the Treasury Select Committee. With a hard Brexit now on the horizon most firms have given up on retaining single market access and are instead focusing on the benefits of changing Solvency II. Callum Tanner reports


Agenda 2017 part 2: Disaster and disruption

Trump, the rise of populism, the soft reinsurance market, internal model updates, cyber risk, tech disruption and the possibility of rising rates present insurers with threats and opportunities in equal measure. Callum Tanner reports


Gibraltar regulator will take own route on post-Brexit reform

The London market has been loud and clear about its concerns over Brexit, but Gibraltar based firms are in an arguably even more uncertain position. Kathryn Morgan, director of regulatory operations at the GFSC speaks to Callum Tanner about Solvency II and passporting


Navigating the options on recovery and resolution

As recovery and resolution planning becomes a focus for regulators, Eoin King, Bridget MacDonnell and Eamonn Phelan explore the requirements for re/insurers and the possibilities for recovery measures


Agenda 2017 part 1: Insurers prepare for another volatile year

Brexit, Solvency II look-through disclosures, SFCR reports, the Treasury Select Committee inquiry into Solvency II and the fallout from the Eiopa stress tests all present a daunting year ahead for insurance risk managers. Callum Tanner reports


How the Lloyd's market can survive Brexit

Lloyd's has a unique challenge in navigating the UK's exit from the EU. Graeme Tennyson explains the three main options and the implications of those for the market


Actuaries price themselves out of data science jobs

The skills needed in the 'big data' revolution closely match those held by actuaries, but well-qualified individuals are unlikely to find the sector financially attractive, as Cintia Cheong finds in her report on actuarial recruitment in the UK


Lessons from the actuarial archives

Craig Turnbull took a casual journey into the actuarial chronicles and found himself writing a book about what he found. He talks to Christopher Cundy about the greatest thinkers and the biggest controversies in 350 years of actuarial history


View from the Top: Balancing independence and impact

In his quarterly column for InsuranceERM, Tom Wilson, chief risk officer for Allianz, shares his insights into managing risk and capital. In this instalment, Tom discusses the difference between risk controlling and risk management – or how a CRO can balance independence and business impact within the "three lines of defence" model


COMMENT: Eiopa stress test reopens old wounds on Solvency II

Some see LTG measures masking life insurers' risks, others see macroprudential stability. By Callum Tanner


Direct Line's José Vazquez: navigating the digital world

Direct Line's chief risk officer José Vazquez discusses how his risk team has evolved and how it is organising to respond to threats such as digitalisation, big data and driverless cars, with Christopher Cundy


Amending the Solvency II VA to promote good risk management

Use of Solvency II's volatility adjustment (VA) causes hard-to-explain movements in own funds and perverse incentives for hedging and risk management. In this paper, Richard Plat proposes an alternative approach to solve these issues


IFRS 17: the new cloud on the horizon

Could IFRS 17 be even more burdensome and costly than Solvency II? A final text is due to be published in March and insurers are looking for fundamental changes – otherwise some will face a long and expensive path to compliance. Sarfraz Thind reports


Trump government threatens federal and international regime for insurers

'Systemically important' designations, the EU-US covered agreement and US enthusiasm for the IAIS may all disappear over the next four years with Donald Trump as president. Some state commissioners are planning to make the most of an administration that, like them, sees too much power in the hands of federal authorities. Callum Tanner reports


Insights from Bermuda's cat risk management report

The biggest exposure, trends in the use of reinsurance and the popularity of various vendor models are all revealed in the Bermuda Monetary Authority's latest analysis. Christopher Cundy reports