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Solvency II forces Irish supervisor reshuffle

General and life insurance divisions merged to promote consistency

L&G strikes $900m bulk annuity deal with Philips' US unit

The deal marks the insurer's first foray into US pension risk transfer market

European insurers' assets worth €6.9trn in Q2

ECB values total liabilities at €6.64trn

Insurers demand action on climate change

Fifteen insurance chiefs call for "urgent action" in letter to the governor of the Bank of England

Commission orders cut to Solvency II charges on infrastructure and ABS

Capital treatment of private equity up for review

Bernardino appointed for another five-year term

Portuguese actuary to stay at the helm of Eiopa until 2021

Ageas at odds with regulator over 0% charge for regional government bonds

FSMA tells insurer to treat securities as corporate bond under the standard formula

Insurers risk "huge" losses on stranded assets, Carney says

Heightened capital requirements for high-carbon investments ruled out


Speed becomes vital in cyber attack responses

In part 2 of this feature on cyber attack and the EU's data breach law, Asa Gibson reports on how insurers are responding to the threat

EU divided over Solvency II's dynamic volatility adjustment

Whether internal model firms can assume changes in the value of the volatility adjustment under stress depends on where they are based and Eiopa's attempts to issue guidance are fraught by disagreements. Hugo Coelho reports

EU data breach law puts risk managers on edge

The EU is debating laws that would force companies to report data breaches within 72 hours of detection. Asa Gibson asks what this means for insurers

Quantifying the diversification benefit

The diversification benefit is a crucial factor in internal models, but how do you pin down dependencies in the absence of hard data? Justin Skinner and Russell Ward share their experiences

Monte Carlo Rendez-vous: Choppy waters on the voyage to El Dorado

At this year's gathering of the reinsurance industry in Monte Carlo, much of the conversation was about adapting to the tough market conditions and exploiting elusive growth opportunities. Asa Gibson and Helen Yates report

Opinion: Ultimate forward thinking?

Legislators should resist the pressure to alter the ultimate forward rate (UFR), a key element of the discount rate used for the valuation of all assets and liabilities in Solvency II, argues Igotz Aubin

The modelling challenges in absolute return strategies

Absolute return strategies offer promising risk-adjusted returns and capital efficiencies, but do you need an internal model to gain the benefit and what other complexities are created? Experts discuss in part two of this InsuranceERM/Insurance Asset Risk and Standard Life Investments roundtable

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