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AAIC's ERM journey: inspired by Europe

AAIC's CRO Lorie Graham started the company's ERM programme in 2008 at a time when the US reinsurance sector had few models to look at. So she took her inspiration from the Europeans, she tells Sarfraz Thind

Eiopa hits back at the French ICS revolution

Some prominent French re/insurers don't want the Insurance Capital Standard in its current form, angering EU and US negotiators alike. Eiopa looks determined to carry on regardless. The IAIS is treading carefully. It is a fraught situation and some practitioners believe the standard could even collapse under its own weight, as Sarfraz Thind reports

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Technology Guide

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The Enterprise Risk Management Technology Guide features entries for over 90 products from over 50 vendors. Entries are searchable by type of system, platform and other features. The guide also includes corporate statements from vendors describing their products and approaches to helping insurers manage risk and capital.

Pandemic Risk

IFRS 17 Essentials

Technology Perspectives from the IFRS 17 Journey

As the implementation deadline for IFRS 17 in 2022 draws ever nearer, the insurance industry is in the midst of preparing for the standard. However companies are at various stages of preparedness from having already started implementation to just preparing the gap analysis or selecting technology vendors.

The march to IFRS 17 compliance

While it feels like IFRS 17 has been a part of the insurance conversation for quite some time, it was just over 18 months ago that FWD Group ("FWD") became one of the world's first insurers to select a technology solution to address the new standard. Since then, the insurance industry, vendor community, and the standard itself have evolved quite a bit.

Sensitivity and Dynamics of IFRS 17 Illiquidity Premia

Under IFRS 17, insurers are required to discount the value of their liabilities using a discount curve that reflects the cash flows and liquidity of those liabilities. The standard does not prescribe the method by which this discount curve is calculated, but does offer general principles for constructing a curve by either a "bottom-up" or "top-down" method.


IFRS 17 implementation requires "extreme flexibility"

Cristina Colozza, IFRS 17 disclosure and methodology central lead at Zurich, tells Cintia Cheong about the firm's IFRS 17 implementation status and the importance of its financial impact assessment

Australia and reinsurance: continuing the affair

Australia's insurers make extensive use of reinsurance and reinsurers like to take on the risk - and the relationship looks set to survive the recent catastrophes that have beset the country, as David Walker reports


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Insurance Risk & Capital Asia 2020

InsuranceERM is pleased to announce that the inaugural Insurance Risk & Capital Asia conference will take place on 13 October 2020 in Hong Kong.

Focus on the USA

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Cannabis insurance: ending the bad trip

Conflicting state and federal laws, uncertain pricing and novel risks have discouraged most insurers from participating in the cannabis market so far. But as the US edges nearer to federal legalisation, this could change. Sarfraz Thind reports

US casualty reserves: courting disaster?

Rising claims and shrinking reserves in the US casualty business have led to speculation about an impending crisis. Could it really get that bad? Sarfraz Thind investigates


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