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IFRS 17 Essentials

InsuranceERM's guide to the insurance contracts accounting standard, featuring contributions from the International Accounting Standards Board, FIS, Legerity Financials, SAS, Milliman and Aptitude.

Market Insights


Getting IFRS 17 implementation right

Massimiliano Neri of Moody’s Analytics explains the issues insurers should consider when implementing the accounting standard, and how it will challenge data, systems and processes



Solving Solvency II's proportionality riddle

Smaller insurers have long complained about the burden of complying with Solvency II, but balancing proportionality with proper supervision continues to be debated. Aggelos Andreou reports

Planning your IMAP programme

In part two of this feature, Ashish Kwatra and Jennifer (Kang) Khaleghy highlight key areas to consider when planning for internal model approval


FIS's Martin Sarjeant: InsuranceERM Awards 2017 Winner

FIS won three categories in the InsuranceERM Awards 2017: Best actuarial modelling software, Best use of cloud technology, and Best data solution. In this video, Martin Sarjeant explains how the company’s solutions are helping insurers with their actuarial requirements and how they are preparing for IFRS 17

Milliman's Thomas Bulpitt: the choices insurers face when implementing IFRS 17

Thomas describes how IFRS 17 – the insurance contracts accounting standard due to come into effect in 2021 – is principles-based, so firms will need to be careful about how they exercise their judgement on the risk adjustment and the transition. He also explains some of the biggest fears about implementing the standard.

Legerity's Mark Miller: why IFRS 17 is causing a stir in the insurance industry

Mark explains how IFRS 17 – the insurance contracts accounting standard due to come into effect in 2021 – will cause some radical changes in how insurers calculate profit and loss, and in how finance and actuarial teams operate. He also suggests a strategy for firms to benefit as much as possible from compliance.



Risk & Innovation in Data and Analytics

Discuss the vision for the role of data in a digital insurance world – just how far reaching are the possibilities and what the big data revolution and advancements in AI and IoT mean for the risk and actuarial functions

Insurance Risk & Capital Americas

Discuss the most pressing issues in insurance risk and capital management and the future challenges facing the industry at InsuranceERM's flagship event for for insurance C-level executives and risk teams

Insurance & Climate Risk Americas

Discuss the disruptive cascade effect of physical environmental risks and their impact on insurance risk as well as the threats and opportunities for investments

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