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Reinsurance versus sub debt: which is best for solvency capital?

Reinsurance or sub debt alone is unlikely to provide the best solution to meeting solvency capital requirements; instead, a blended approach should be considered, say Matthew Day and Ross Milburn

A new breed of casualty cat models

Modelling of a casualty or liability catastrophe has traditionally lacked the sophistication seen in the property cat world, despite its potential for harming insurers. The industry and regulators are waking up to this threat and new solutions are being developed. Christopher Cundy reports

Reinsurance is flexible and cost-effective for Solvency II capital needs

There are other advantages, too, over equity and hybrid capital, which are more complex to issue, as Peter Bärnreuther and Norbert Kuschel describe

The future of appraisal valuations

The contents of actuarial appraisal valuations in M&A situations are set to evolve with the arrival of Solvency II and updated accounting standards. Fergal O’Shea discusses the likely changes and considers how the appraisal reports will remain relevant.

Where next for risk modelling: industrialisation or app store?

Many conversations around risk and capital modelling highlight the need to ‘industrialise’ processes. But is this 18th century concept appropriate for insurers in the 21st century? European experts discuss this and other risk management questions in the second part of this InsuranceERM and SunGard roundtable

Dutch insurers tread the MA minefield

The Dutch regulator is poised to publish guidance for insurers on use of the matching adjustment. Repackaging of mortgage loans is one bone of contention, another is the treatment of pension contracts. Hugo Coelho reports

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    Analysing your way to a digital advantage

    The digital era presents a golden opportunity to engage with customers – and insurers should ensure they are not left behind, says David Ovenden, Insurance Management Consultancy Leader, Towers Watson

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    Data: it's a question of confidence

    Information is at the heart of effective risk and capital management, so making sure data solutions are robust is a necessity for modern insurers, as MBE’s Andries Beukes explains

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    Solvency II - Are you ready for challenges?

    The first round of mandatory reporting under Solvency II will soon begin. For some insurers that might be the last wake-up call to advance...

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