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CROs pinpoint climate change as key issue for 2021

InsuranceERM's year-end poll of risk management experts found widespread agreement that climate change would be a key risk and opportunity for the insurance sector in 2021. Paul Walsh reports

Germany's interest rate reserve gets bigger - and better

German life insurers paid more into the Zinszusatzreserve again in 2020, despite the new "corridor method" of calculation that intended to unburden the sector. Industry leaders tell David Walker the ZZR remains fit for purpose nonetheless

The new risks emerging from remote working

The long-term effects of relocating staff from offices to their homes, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, are beginning to be understood. Risk managers have been satisfied in some respects, but deep concerns about staff wellbeing and the impacts on culture remain. Christopher Cundy reports

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IFRS 17 Essentials

A challenging year for insurers

IFRS 17 has been a significant hurdle facing the Insurance industry for almost four years now. However, 2020 saw the added challenges of a global pandemic, a faltering global economy and political uncertainty which added additional complications to an already challenged industry.

IFRS 17 - The RNA Way

IFRS 17 is not just about day-to-day reporting; it also requires insurers to be proactive and have forward-looking systems in place that are fit for large volumes of calculations. This can represent a challenge for certain IT infrastructures, which are at risk of buckling under the computational pressure.


The politics of pandemics

Combatting the next pandemic will take a lot more than vaccines, according to Frank Schiller, a board member of Germany's actuarial association. To cover the risk, insurers will need a deft understanding and the ability to work closely with the political world, as Schiller explains to David Walker

ICS: the gift that nobody wants

The Insurance Capital Standard continues to be a source of controversy. If the IAIS thought the global capital rule had satisfied at last year's Abu Dhabi meet, they will need to think again. Sarfraz Thind reports


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Insurance Risk & Capital Asia webinar series

Join our Insurance Risk & Capital Asia webinar series to find out the latest trends affecting Asian insurers in terms of regulation, strategic asset allocation and risk management. Featuring CIOs, CROs and chief economists at Asia's largest insurers, the series is organised and hosted by Insurance Asset Risk and InsuranceERM


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