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Tying federal regulators in knots

Insurers are increasing their lobbying efforts as legislation advances through Congress that is designed to limit the discretion of federal regulators in designating systemic firms and devising capital standards. Hugo Coelho reports

Smarter technology calls for smarter thinking

Recent advancements in consumer electronics have served both as a source of fascination and a source for concern in the boardrooms. Insurers should avoid getting lost in apps and gadgets and instead identify how technology can be leveraged to add value, says Torbjörn Magnusson

Internal model submissions begin, despite ambiguities

Despite unclear rules and conflicting approaches from national supervisors, insurers have started submitting their Solvency II internal models for approval. Christopher Cundy and Hugo Coelho assess the state of play

Antares' Mark Graham: Qatari owners bring investment freedom

The Antares CRO discusses how the firm is sharing ERM expertise with its new Qatari owners, risk culture, preparations for Solvency II and the big risks on the horizon

NAIC's Urias: "ICS should not be tied to one valuation methodology, not at this stage"

The attempt to create global convergence on insurance supervision is proving to be a bumpy ride. Christina Urias, the NAIC’s director for international regulatory affairs, explains to Hugo Coelho how the states view the reinsurance collateral agreement with the EU and the global capital standard.

Gilt-swap spread risk charge to accelerate ALM rethink

A request by the UK regulator for internal firms to hold capital against the basis risk in their government bond portfolios will increase incentives for the insurers to move away from long-dated government bonds into swaps. Hugo Coelho reports

Pension risk - the hidden dangers to insurers

Pension scheme risk can be both material and tough to measure under Solvency II’s still-developing rules. Tim Marklew and Tom Durkin consider how insurers are managing this risk and the pitfalls they face.

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    Free expert paper - Aggregation Criteria in risks' modeling service

    This paper presents a concrete solution to optimize input creation process for risk modeling while improving quality and thoroughness of model results by dealing with clustering on dataset liability.

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    Analysing your way to a digital advantage

    The digital era presents a golden opportunity to engage with customers – and insurers should ensure they are not left behind, says David Ovenden, Insurance Management Consultancy Leader, Towers Watson

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