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IFRS 17: still waiting for disclosures

The IFRS 17 accounting standard is due to be implemented in five months' time, but many insurers are leaving it until the eleventh hour to reveal what impact the transition will have on their financial metrics. Christopher Cundy and Paul Walsh report

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Modernising actuarial data processing - part two

Selecting the appropriate strategy and tactics to improve actuarial processes is vital if insurers are going to realise gains from their investment. Experts discuss their experiences in this InsuranceERM / Reitigh roundtable

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IAIS 2022: bringing the party back to insurance

June's meeting of international regulators was a sunny affair in an idyllic setting. Even the ever-lurking shadow of the ICS couldn't spoil the party after two years of isolation. Sarfraz Thind reports


Japan steps forward with ICS-based capital framework

Japan is midway through development of a new capital framework that takes its lead from the Insurance Capital Standard. This should make it a beacon for international prudential rules, as the FSA's Shigeru Ariizumi explains to Sarfraz Thind

R.I.P. traditional life insurance

Low interest rates killed off European life insurance products that offered policyholders guaranteed annual returns. Even now as rates rise, David Walker finds practitioners are ready to bury the concept


Better flood risk management for insurers

1 September 2022, 3:00 PM BST

Join InsuranceERM, in partnership with ICEYE, to hear how catastrophe risk experts at major insurers are dealing with flood risk - and the role that satellite technology and analytics can play.

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