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Jaw or war? Confronting the pandemic business interruption question

Winston Churchill famously said talking a problem through - "meeting jaw to jaw" - was better than warring it out. Around the world, some insurers are finding compromises to support holders of business interruption policies. Others are bracing for a fight, finds David Walker

Covid-19: The CRO's view

In part one of a revealing two-part report from InsuranceERM's Covid-19 webinar series, Allianz Group chief risk officer (CRO) Tom Wilson tells Paul Walsh how the pandemic is impacting the insurer and the sector overall.

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Best practices for free capital generation

What are the strongest drivers for future FCG? And what are the main risks that diminish this ability? How beneficial is the current and projected business and investment strategy from the perspective of FCG?

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UK & Europe Awards 2020

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InsuranceERM Annual Awards 2020 - UK & Europe

InsuranceERM's Awards formally recognise the very best in insurance risk management, actuarial and risk modelling practices, as well as the leading service providers in the UK and European markets.

Focus on the USA

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Covid-19 reveals the cracks in the US insurance system

US insurers have been getting a beating in their response to the Covid-19 crisis. Their latest move to rebate auto premiums shows the fissures in their approach and the lack of a cohesive regulatory response. Sarfraz Thind reports

Pandemic Risk


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Darrel Scott (IASB) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Darrel Scott, Board Member at IASB, talks about what issues will emerge in the next year as we move to the next phase of the IFRS 17

Oscar Kitasoboka (UAE Insurance Authority) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Oscar Kitasoboka, Chief Actuary at the UAE Insurance Authority tell us his expectations from the impact assessments

Ruth Moore (Moody's Analytics) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Ruth Moore, Associate Director, Advisory Services at Moody’s Analytics discusses key considerations for insurers when implementing their discount curve approach for IFRS 17.
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Guiding Axa through Covid-19

Axa's group chief risk officer Renaud Guidée discusses pandemic insurance pools and Covid-19 business interruption cover with Ronan McCaughey - and argues no other industry has gone so far as insurance to help customers during the crisis

Conduct risk in an outcomes-based environment

The UK's conduct regulator has signalled a new approach to overseeing the insurance industry - and with Brexit has the potential to make bolder moves. Paul Walsh reports from an Association of British Insurers event on the hopes and fears for future of conduct regulation

Insurers to rethink operational resilience post Covid-19

Insurers' operational risk management already faced scrutiny before the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, experts from Crowe and Oric International expect operational resilience to become a priority for management. Ronan McCaughey reports


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Covid-19 Webinar Series

InsuranceERM is inviting you to attend our Covid-19 Webinar Series to keep you informed and up-to-date with how the industry is responding to the pandemic crisis.

Insurance Risk & Capital Asia 2020

InsuranceERM is pleased to announce that the inaugural Insurance Risk & Capital Asia conference will take place on 13 October 2020 in Hong Kong.


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