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What Solvency II reports need to say about the coronavirus

European supervisors have relaxed the Solvency II reporting deadlines, but in return insurers have been asked to include analysis of the Covid-19 impacts on their business. David Walker reports on what those discussions might entail

HKFI's Selina Lau: Covid-19 is a golden opportunity to educate the public

Selina Lau's first month as chief executive of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers has been nothing if not busy. From the coronavirus to the opportunities of the Greater Bay Area initiative, while handling IFRS 17 and forthcoming risk-based capital rules, there is never a dull moment, she tells David Walker

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Best practices for free capital generation

What are the strongest drivers for future FCG? And what are the main risks that diminish this ability? How beneficial is the current and projected business and investment strategy from the perspective of FCG?

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Pandemic Risk


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Darrel Scott (IASB) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Darrel Scott, Board Member at IASB, talks about what issues will emerge in the next year as we move to the next phase of the IFRS 17

Oscar Kitasoboka (UAE Insurance Authority) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Oscar Kitasoboka, Chief Actuary at the UAE Insurance Authority tell us his expectations from the impact assessments

Ruth Moore (Moody's Analytics) @ IFRS 17 Conference 2020

Ruth Moore, Associate Director, Advisory Services at Moody’s Analytics discusses key considerations for insurers when implementing their discount curve approach for IFRS 17.
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US insurers in Covid-19 coverage crisis

Insurers are being asked critical questions about their role in protecting consumers from the coronavirus pandemic. Despite calls from on high, the industry says it will not cover business-interruption and workers compensation losses. As the crisis deepens, industry bodies say such demands could threaten the stability of the sector. Sarfraz Thind reports

Insurers weather the coronavirus storm - but for how long?

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided an uncompromising test of insurers' operational and balance sheet resilience. Initial reports suggest they are handling the situation, but what are the risks in the longer term? Paul Walsh investigates


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Insurance Risk & Capital Asia 2020

InsuranceERM is pleased to announce that the inaugural Insurance Risk & Capital Asia conference will take place on 13 October 2020 in Hong Kong.

Focus on the USA

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Modelling the virus

The spread of Covid-19 has not come as a surprise to everyone. Analytics firms are looking at the thousands of situations to model pandemics every day. However, it seems insurers are not quite up to scratch. Sarfraz Thind reports


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