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Trump government threatens federal and international regime for insurers

'Systemically important' designations, the EU-US covered agreement and US enthusiasm for the IAIS may all disappear over the next four years with Donald Trump as president. Some state commissioners are planning to make the most of an administration that, like them, sees too much power in the hands of federal authorities. Callum Tanner reports


Diversification and the outsourcing conundrum

While insurers are keen to diversify their portfolios, this often requires the outsourcing of asset management – and then the question of fees arises. Investment and risk managers discuss these and other issues in part two of this Insurance Asset Risk/Royal London Asset Management roundtable

Fixed income strategies in a Solvency II and low-yield world

Fixed income assets comprise the majority of insurers' investment portfolios, but within the asset class there are a multitude of options. In part one of this InsuranceERM/Royal London Asset Management roundtable, investment and risk managers discuss how they are approaching fixed income, given the challenges of a low-yield environment and the constraints of Solvency II

InsuranceERM Awards


Solvency II Map


Europe: Solvency II status

Updates from 17 EU insurance supervisors and regulators on the status of Solvency II implementation, covering internal models, adjustments and transitionals.

InsuranceERM Tech Guide 2016


Introducing 2016's entries

InsuranceERM's exhaustive guide to the range of solutions for risk management, asset management and Solvency II - from risk and capital modelling software, to data, governance and reporting tools.

RPC Consulting: Quick smart

RPC Consulting's Tyche modelling platform is helping insurers to make decisions in ways that were previously unthinkable, as Alun Marriott and Rory O'Brien explain

Conning: shaping future risk models

Hal Pedersen, a director of risk solutions for Conning, Inc. explains how economic scenario generators (ESGs) are improving risk modelling for insurers


Insurance Risk & Capital 2016

Photos from the fourth annual Insurance Risk and Capital conference, which took place in London from 18 - 19 October 2016