IAIS issues consultation on ICS-Aggregation Method comparability criteria

Progress on global capital standards, but still no resolution likely for next two years

US reiterates its opposition to ICS

IAIS meeting in Croatia starts today with international rule causing continued discord

Ukraine's insurers urge regulatory "Marshall plan" to survive war

Proposals include IFRS 17 delay and softening regulatory requirements

Extinction Rebellion forces Lloyd's to shut HQ

Over 60 activists used superglue, chains and bike locks to block entrances

US P&C actuaries target racial bias in insurance pricing

Casualty Actuarial Society outlines lessons learned from other financial sectors

Insurance Europe kicks out Russian federation

Lobby group shows solidarity with Ukrainian people

UK re/insurance sanctions target Russian aviation and space industry

Government to bring in measures following Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Italy sets expectations on IFRS 17

Consultation runs until 16 April

RITC issues will not stop UK's assessment of IFRS 17

UKEB makes no objection to new endorsement timeline

UK Solvency II QIS analysis reveals huge impact on monoline annuity firms

Independent study reveals up to 31% drop in solvency ratio

MEP demands more influence over Solvency II reforms

Stakeholders have criticised the European Commission for leaving key details out of directive

German insurers reveal extent of ESG underwriting

GDV warns de-carbonising Germany risks de-industrialising it

Insurers set out principles for use of supervisory technology

GFIA says principles will allow supervisory technology to simplify current processes

Pandemic drives Cypriot insurers' fears of IFRS 17 delay

SAP explains how insurers in Cyprus are preparing to implement the standard

IAIS to focus on climate change, systemic risk and ICS

Supervisors' association outlines priorities for next two years


IAIS 2022: bringing the party back to insurance

June's meeting of international regulators was a sunny affair in an idyllic setting. Even the ever-lurking shadow of the ICS couldn't spoil the party after two years of isolation. Sarfraz Thind reports

Insurers feeling hamstrung as protection gaps widen

Current global events and left-field risks are contributing to widening protection gaps and insurers may be restricted in their attempts to reduce them. Paul Walsh reports

A new standard for liability risk data

Open data standards for risk modelling are helping improve the efficiency and value of risk management in the insurance sector, Today, a new standard for liability risks is being launched, as Dickie Whitaker explains

The FIO's climate letters reveal burning desires

The Federal Insurance Office (FIO) has published a raft of comment letters after its request for information on climate regulation. Could this be the tinder to spark new rules? Sarfraz Thind reports

Facilitating the transition

Don Forgeron, president of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations, discusses what role the insurance sector can play in global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Commission's Solvency II proposals "are not gifts" for insurers

Insurance Europe's Olav Jones tells Christopher Cundy about European insurers' hopes and fears on plans to reform the directive