Market Insight

  • Sustainability in focus: Rachel Delhaise

    Antony Williams, managing director at Arthur, talks to Rachel Delhaise about her role as group head of sustainability at Convex Insurance and how the sector can help build resilience and aid the low-carbon transition

  • Bridging the Gap: Opportunities in Short-Term Loans to Address Long-Term Affordability

    Amid rising costs and competition, owners and developers seeking to establish affordability in the multifamily apartment space are turning to short-term bridge loans to secure financing, ensuring sustainability during the process of obtaining government-sponsored housing credits

  • 10 Must-Have GRC Capabilities for Insurance Firms

    Access this eBook from Camms to uncover 10 technology capabilities that every insurance firm should be using to streamline & automate their GRC processes.

  • Translating long-term climate scenarios to short-term market stresses

    Climate scenarios have typically focused on long-term financial impacts. But are insurers missing exposures by being too narrow in their analysis? Moody's Analytics propose a modeling structure, to identify the material short-term market impacts.

  • Considering Climate Risk Uncertainty in Portfolio Construction

    In the final article from a series of six on climate scenario modeling, Moody's Analytics compares scenarios for climate risk in investment portfolio construction.

  • Analyzing and Attributing Climate Change Impacts on Asset Returns

    In the fifth in a series of six articles on climate scenario modeling, Moody's Analytics explores the impact of physical and transition risk on asset returns.

  • Expanding Beyond the Network for Greening the Financial System

    In the fourth in a series of six articles on climate scenario modeling, Moody's Analytics address the importance of broadening your analysis.

  • How to Choose the Right Climate Model

    In this article, Moody's Analytics explore different approaches to scenario modelling to achieve the appropriate analysis for your end goal.

  • Achieving a balanced view of climate risk

    This article from Moody's Analytics, discusses how to achieve a balanced view of climate risk with bottom-up and top-down analysis for SAA, the ORSA and TCFD reporting.

  • Economy shows resilience to recent cyber attacks, but major events remain a risk

    Cyber is one of the most significant risks facing enterprises in the 21st Century - it is the number one risk for most enterprises today and that risk is ever-increasing. In the decade ahead, we will continue to connect the internet to our homes, offices, manufacturing facilities and cities, with existential risks to businesses and the global economy.