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Early bird offers expire on Monday

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Ethias reviews reinsurance plan after surrender success

Programme to shed guaranteed contracts performed better than expected

Storebrand reveals expected impact of UFR change

Ultimate forward rate of 3.65% will erode Solvency II ratio

Two-thirds increase in German life run-off expected: Fitch

Firms to manage back-books internally in short term but many expected to transfer in next five years

Conflicts of interest found in Eiopa's unit-linked review

Further regulation aside from Priips and IDD may be introduced, warns Bernardino


Yes, no, maybe: the PRA responds to industry's Solvency II reform agenda

The UK regulator has made a point-by-point reply to the Association of British Insurers' agenda for Solvency II reforms and confirmed its priority to review the reporting requirements. Christopher Cundy reports

UK insurers emphasise post-Brexit opportunity

Senior management from Lloyd’s, L&G, Prudential and the ABI have presented evidence to the Treasury Select Committee. With a hard Brexit now on the horizon most firms have given up on retaining single market access and are instead focusing on the benefits of changing Solvency II. Callum Tanner reports

Agenda 2017 part 2: Disaster and disruption

Trump, the rise of populism, the soft reinsurance market, internal model updates, cyber risk, tech disruption and the possibility of rising rates present insurers with threats and opportunities in equal measure. Callum Tanner reports

Liquidity has become a fluid concept in financial markets

Melanie Mitchell makes the case for decreased liquidity in corporate bond markets, and explains how investors should respond

UK firms split on interest rate hedging strategy

L&G has put its economic view on the pedestal, moving away from its rivals and challenging analysts who take Solvency II figures more seriously. Callum Tanner reports

L'exception française?

The French government is proposing to exempt supplementary pension products from Solvency II capital requirements, a seismic change that will give the sector much needed relief. Hugo Coelho reports