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Will UK insurers invest in the economy after Solvency II capital release?

Lawyer questions whether regulators should force insurers to allocate capital for "productive finance"

UK Solvency II reform sparks worries about extra regulatory requirements

WTW says concerns are about "pushing more power to the PRA to scrutinise"

NN Group sees IFRS 17 discount rate methodologies aligning

But parameters will differ, says Harm van de Meerendonk

UK ditches plan to reform fundamental spread in Solvency II matching adjustment

Government leaves design and calibration of fundamental spread alone

NN addresses solvency volatility from Dutch mortgage spreads

Valuation changes or internal model mechanisms are being considered

PRA's Solvency II reporting consultation lacks ambition, says ABI

The association warned the UK regulator had missed an opportunity

UK consults on Solvency II reporting reforms

New templates planned for cyber underwriting and excess capital generation

AM Best remains negative on German life insurance

Changes to Solvency II, growth challenges and market volatility provide headwinds

Solvency II data shows UK reinsurance market is "robust yet fragile"

Bank of England staff analyse resilience of reinsurers through stress tests

CRO Forum warns insurers to prepare for more pandemics

It assesses how Covid-19 has impacted re/insurers' liabilities and asset management

Insurance Risk & Capital EMEA conference - early bird discount ends today

The conference will be held on 1 December at the Hilton Tower Bridge in London.

EU insurers dash for cash as liquidity risks rise

Eiopa seeks to calm nerves following UK gilts crisis

Complete UK Solvency II overhaul may be lesser priority for Rishi Sunak

With the third prime minister in seven weeks, UK insurers face more regulatory uncertainty

Uncertainty over UK Solvency II reform as Liz Truss leadership teeters

The UK has been hit with extreme economic volatility since last month's mini budget

Italian life insurers report strong H1 solvency ratios despite lower net inflows

Net inflows fell in Q2 compared with Q1, making it the lowest quarter in the past four years


Ripples of interest rate risk hit UK annuity writers

Equity-release mortgages have been a popular asset class for annuity writers, but soaring interest rates, fears of a property crash and regulatory uncertainty are creating questions for the market, as Christopher Cundy reports

MEPs' Solvency II amendments put climate and calibrations back on the table

The European Parliament is set for an intense debate on its amendments to the Solvency II directive, which present a mixed picture in terms of their potential impact on insurers. Paul Walsh reports

PRT market set for a blazing H2

The UK's pension risk transfer market (PRT) is on course for a very busy second half of the year, after relatively modest activity in H1. Solvency II reforms are also likely to impact the sector, as Ronan McCaughey explains

Solvency II in Germany: four insurers below 100% ratio without transitional measures

New analysis from Insurance Risk Data picks up where Eiopa left off, evaluating the use of the long-term guarantees measures in Germany, the EEA country where they are most popular. David Walker reports

The UK's Solvency II reform proposals: reactions summarised

Actuaries, US insurers, environmental campaigners have joined the UK industry in responding to Solvency II reform proposals. Christopher Cundy and David Walker report

R.I.P. traditional life insurance

Low interest rates killed off European life insurance products that offered policyholders guaranteed annual returns. Even now as rates rise, David Walker finds practitioners are ready to bury the concept