Solvency II ORSA, QIS5, IMAP, Omnibus II, EIOPA


Ivass hails "significant reduction" in solvency ratio volatility in 2021

Italian regulator comments on average ratio diving to 101% in Eiopa stress tests

EDITORIAL: Boris wades in on Solvency II

Christopher Cundy comments on the political games in prudential regulation

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Ivass president dubs volatility adjustment "complex, opaque and not very effective"

Country-specific element was not triggered by this month's volatility

European insurers' payouts to shareholders at seven-year low

Research paper found stress-tests did not affect buyback and dividend levels

Rishi Sunak meets UK annuity writers, promises speedy reform to Solvency II

Finance ministry acknowledges complexity of changes

Belgian regulator quantifies effect of inflation on solvency coverage

NBB finds failings in standard formula treatment of inflation shocks

UK parliament forms committee for scrutinising financial regulations

Body will replicate EU's Econ committee in post-Brexit landscape

Eiopa reveals lie of Europe's insurance landscape in 2021

Two undertakings had Solvency II ratios under 100%

Solvency II would benefit from greater climate specifics, says Eiopa chair

Petra Hielkema said there is still room for "further enriching" the directive

Germany's DEVK broke three records, not all desirable, in 2021

Flooding linked to storm Bernd last summer cost the composite insurer €295m gross

UK life firms must be able to re-accept ceded risk, PRA warns

Life firms have highly capitalised longevity risk relative to credit risk, the UK regulator says

EU committee shocked as Ferber deletes climate measures in Solvency II reforms

German MEP says green-supporting factors are "beyond his imagination".

UK insurers set five-point plan to maximise climate risk management

The ABI set out the required actions at its climate change summit today

Europe's insurers repair Covid damage to solvency ratios

Eiopa data reveals patterns of ratios, premiums and claims


Insurers' hidden risk from reinsurance recaptures: the perspective of UK annuity writers

Mudi Ugono and Brad Ashton discuss the findings from a working party on how a reinsurer default could affect insurer balance sheets - and how the management of this risk could be improved

Scepticism about the UK's Solvency II savings

The UK government is projecting a meaningful reduction in capital requirements from its prudential regulation reforms. But some question whether the redesign will make any difference, as Christopher Cundy reports

Insurers happy with UK's Solvency II plans, but capital savings remain uncertain

The government has grabbed positive headlines with its proposals to reform Solvency II, but the industry is cautious about the how they will pan out. Cintia Cheong reports

PIC's Giles Fairhead: traditional risks are colliding with global events

Paul Walsh sits down with PIC's CRO Giles Fairhead to reflect on today's heightened risk environment, the post-pandemic work culture and two crucial regulatory reforms for the UK's pension insurers

InsuranceERM's Risk team of the year: Phoenix Group

Chief risk officer Jonathan Pears explains to Ronan McCaughey how his team has managed the integration - and improvement - of the risk functions and internal models

UK Solvency II reforms warmly welcomed by life insurers

The changes would include cuts to the risk margin for life insurers of 60-70%, while capital held by life insurers could be slashed by 15%. Paul Walsh and Cintia Cheong get the market's reaction