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Allianz's Wilcox: CRO role still in "teenager" phase

As Stephen Wilcox looks set to leave Allianz UK by the end of the summer, he reflects on how his role as CRO has developed over the last seven years alongside more recent regulatory and political frustrations. He spoke to Callum Tanner at Allianz's office in London.

Actuaries price themselves out of data science jobs

The skills needed in the ‘big data’ revolution closely match those held by actuaries, but well-qualified individuals are unlikely to find the sector financially attractive, as Cintia Cheong finds in her report on actuarial recruitment in the UK

Lessons from the actuarial archives

Craig Turnbull took a casual journey into the actuarial chronicles and found himself writing a book about what he found. He talks to Christopher Cundy about the greatest thinkers and the biggest controversies in 350 years of actuarial history

Direct Line's José Vazquez: navigating the digital world

Direct Line's chief risk officer José Vazquez discusses how his risk team has evolved and how it is organising to respond to threats such as digitalisation, big data and driverless cars, with Christopher Cundy

Zurich's Isabelle Welton: "Culture is not something we can teach"

A specific responsibility for culture is highly unusual among senior insurance executives – but it's a mantle that Isabelle Welton has taken on. She discusses Zurich's culture and its journey of improvement with Christopher Cundy

CROs ride wave of uncertainty, but avoid the measuring stick

EY's latest chief risk officer survey reveals a growing reliance on CROs to guide insurers through tricky times, but most are avoiding empirical measurement of their contribution. Christopher Cundy discusses the results with Graham Handy