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Abacus Life looks to expand life risk transfers for re/insurers

Leader in US life settlements broadens remit in bid for growth

Farsight Partners targets up to $250m for life ILS fund

UK firm announced partnership with Twelve Capital this week

ILS manager Twelve Capital expands into life business with Farsight Partners

Farsight is led by former Securis chief underwriter Paul Whiting

More ILS cyber offerings on the way in 2023

CyberAcuView's Mark Camillo heralds more precise contract terms and better data

Beazley unveils landmark cyber cat bond

The $45m bond will be triggered by a major cyber-attack on Beazley clients

US life firms biding their time on fresh debt issues

AM Best says life and annuity insurers are curbing their appetite for long-term debt

ILS cyber market expected to gain traction in 2023

Clearly defined perils will be necessary for success in this sector, says CyberCube

Korean life insurers delay perpetual bond calls

Country's life industry also facing liquidity crunch as policyholders lapse

Don't call in cheap debt, regulator warns insurers

Widening credit spreads means insurers' new issuance is more expensive

Swiss Re lays out criteria for expanding cyber market share

At RVS 2022, Gianfranco Lot said the firm would retain its "underweight" share

Reinsurance capital predicted to drop 8.4% this year

AM Best report blames geopolitical turmoil and market volatility

Eiopa watching for secondary impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflict

Authority confirms minimal direct exposure for EEA insurers

Risk transfer platform secures $15m to fund expansion

Israel-headquartered Vesttoo uses AI in risk-transfer process

Just Group slashes debt costs with first sustainable RT1 bond issue

UK life insurer pioneers "green" contingent convertible debt


Gilts crash: a boon out of a crisis for insurers

Another day, another UK financial market crash. But while it has gone wrong for British politics and pension funds, the current crisis may actually benefit insurers in the long run. Ronan McCaughey and Sarfraz Thind report

The path to sustainable cyber insurance

The cyber insurance market is growing rapidly, but demand exceeds current capacity and insurers may lose relevance unless they redefine the risk and improve their modelling. Joshua Geer reports

Ledger Investing aims to crack the casualty ILS code

Led by ex-AIG chief risk officers, Ledger Investing is entering the relative unknown in connecting insurance-linked securities (ILS) investors with casualty risks. Paul Walsh reports

The UK gilts crisis: a worry, not a disaster, for insurers

Plunging sterling and soaring gilt yields are buffeting insurers, but longer-term impacts of the government's disastrous "mini budget" are the real concerns, as Sarfraz Thind reports

Regulators investigate the private equity-insurer love-in

Private equity companies have been acquiring insurers at an unheard of rate. Now regulators have raised concerns over asset risk and short-term greed overcoming long-term sense, as Sarfraz Thind reports

Apac re/insurers welcome the alternative

Regulators in Asia have been busy creating frameworks for insurers to transfer risk to capital markets investors. Re/insurers are keen to tap this alternative source of capital, if the structures are right. David Walker reports