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ADVISE® Enterprise Risk ModelerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing200
AgenaRiskAgena3Tech guide: Standard listing223
ANNalyticaBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing168
Aptitude IFRS 17 SolutionAptitude Software4Tech guide: Premium listing136
Aquantec OceanAquantec3Tech guide: Standard listing137
Arius and Arius EnterpriseMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing199
Asseco IFRS 17 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing225
Asseco S2 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing226
AtidotAtidot 3Tech guide: Standard listing167
ATOME: MatterBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing186
ATOME: ParticlesBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing187
AXIS™ actuarial systemMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing185
Betterview Risk Management PlatformBetterview3Tech guide: Standard listing188
BW KIDS 4 PRIIPS ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing169
Carbon & Climate DataISS Software3Tech guide: Standard listing283
ChemMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing176
CHESS (Cloud hosted Economic Scenario Generator)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing196
CoMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing178
d3 UnderwritingDataCubes3Tech guide: Standard listing204
DataValidatorWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing151
Detech OptimizerDetech Decision Technologies3Tech guide: Standard listing206
DEventDynacsys3Tech guide: Standard listing207
EasyReMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing198
Escali SupervisionEscali Financial Systems3Tech guide: Standard listing209
Evaluated Pricing and Deal ModellingPrytania Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing175
FactSet Data & Analytics SolutionsFactSet Research Systems, Inc.3Tech guide: Standard listing210
Financial CanvasSciurus Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing171
FIRM® Portfolio AnalyzerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing201
GEMS® Economic Scenario GeneratorConning4Tech guide: Premium listing202
GLASS for InsuranceOrtec Finance3Tech guide: Standard listing181
IBM Algo Risk for InsuranceIBM3Tech guide: Standard listing217
ICRFSInsureware3Tech guide: Standard listing219
IFRS 17 SolutionSecondFloor3Tech guide: Standard listing231
IglooWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing152
Igloo Standard FormulaWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing150
IMPACT FORECASTING ELEMENTS and AERAon4Tech guide: Premium listing134
Incisive Spreadsheet Risk IntelligenceIncisive Software3Tech guide: Standard listing218
IntegrateMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing197
Invest | ProFinancial Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing211
KovrrKovrr3Tech guide: Standard listing228
Legerity FastPostLegerity 3Tech guide: Standard listing221
Longevitas Projections ToolkitLongevitas3Tech guide: Standard listing222
MetaRisk ReserveGuy Carpenter3Tech guide: Standard listing215
MetaRisk Tool SuiteGuy Carpenter3Tech guide: Standard listing216
Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing195 Cloud Modelling ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing162 Excel Model AdapterSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing160 Execution ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing163 Mobile ModellerSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing161 Model Development StudioSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing166 Operational Modelling CentreSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing165 Quotations ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing164
ModelSignMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing194
Oasis LMFOasis Loss Modelling Framework3Tech guide: Standard listing182
OortfolioPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing177
Ortec Finance Dynamic Scenario GeneratorOrtec Finance3Tech guide: Standard listing180
Outsourcing Compliance ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing193
ownR platformFunctional Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing214
PathWiseAon4Tech guide: Premium listing224
Pelican ERMVose Software3Tech guide: Standard listing153
Phinsys Insurance SuitePhinsys limited3Tech guide: Standard listing179
ProphetFIS4Tech guide: Premium listing213
PsicleDynamo Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing208
PwC’s IFRS 17 In A BoxPwC3Tech guide: Standard listing227
RegTech software as a serviceAlyne3Tech guide: Standard listing132
Regulatory Reporting, Actuarial Calculation & Risk ManagementISS Software3Tech guide: Standard listing220
ReMetricaAon4Tech guide: Premium listing135
ResQWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing149
ResQ Financial ReporterWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing148
Risk Intelligence™ (RI)RMS3Tech guide: Standard listing174
Risk ManagementXactium3Tech guide: Standard listing140
RiskAgility Economic Capital AggregatorWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing147
RiskAgility Economic Proxy ModellerWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing145
RiskAgility Financial ModellerWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing146
RiskAgility Standard FormulaWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing144
RiskIntegrity SuiteMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing184
RQECoreLogic3Tech guide: Standard listing203
R³S Software SuiteRNA Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing173
Scenario Generation SolutionsMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing183
SIIMPLIFYBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing170
Solvency II Compliance Assessment ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing192
Solvency II SolutionSecondFloor3Tech guide: Standard listing230
SolvencyToolSolvencyTool ApS3Tech guide: Standard listing159
SolveXia Process Automation and AnalyticsSolveXia3Tech guide: Standard listing158
SolysMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing191
SpatialKeySpatialKey3Tech guide: Standard listing157
Spreadsheet Workbench & EXChecker Advanced ValidationFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing212
STAR ESGWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing143
STAR Solutions NAVIMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing190
STAR Solutions VEGAMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing189
Sword Operational Risk ManagerSword GRC3Tech guide: Standard listing156
TouchstoneAIR Worldwide3Tech guide: Standard listing131
TycheRPC Consulting4Tech guide: Premium listing172
UnifyWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing142
Ventiv IRMVentiv Technology3Tech guide: Standard listing155
vGridWillis Towers Watson3Tech guide: Standard listing141
ViClarity ERMViClarity3Tech guide: Standard listing154
XSGDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing205
Zeb.controlZEB3Tech guide: Standard listing139
Zenith “Analytics as a Service” PortalZenith Actuarial3Tech guide: Standard listing138

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