Corporate Statements

Milliman: Innovative solutions for insurers

Patricia Renzi, CEO of life technology solutions at Milliman, explains how the firm is at the forefront of insurance and technology innovations. She also discusses changes in insurers’ stress and scenario testing practices

Aon: End-to-end risk modelling solutions

As the insurance industry faces evolving challenges, ReMetrica and Tyche have united to help insurers to optimize their capital explains Alun Marriott, chair of the technology group within Aon’s strategy and technology division, and Aon’s head of risk software, Paul Maitland.

Montoux: Actuarial expertise combined with automation

Stephen Carlin, strategy product manager at US-headquartered solutions provider, Montoux, explains how its cloud-native technology can free up actuarial resources and automate processes for life and health insurers

WTW: Radar delivers powerful analysis and insights

Serhat Guven, managing director and global proposition leader for personal lines pricing product claims and underwriting at WTW, explains how future-focused pricing, claims and underwriting starts with its Radar platform

4actuaries.elearn4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1187
4cfl4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1188
4i174actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1190
4Res.T4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1189
AccuRate FleetMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1231
ADVISE® Enterprise Risk ModelerConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1172
ANNalyticaBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1199
Aptitude IFRS 17 SolutionAptitude Software3Tech guide: Standard listing1288
Aquantec OceanAquantec3Tech guide: Standard listing1181
AriusMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1270
Asseco IFRS 17 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing1238
Asseco S2 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing1223
Atidot AI & Analytics PlatformAtidot 3Tech guide: Standard listing1273
ATOME: MatterBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing1277
ATOME: ParticlesBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing1276
AutoryVirtual Actuary3Tech guide: Standard listing1287
AXIS™ actuarial systemMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1206
Balance Sheet Management (BSM)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1163
BungalowMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1232
BW KIDS 4 PRIIPS ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1224
CALFITECSinalys3Tech guide: Standard listing1257
ChemMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing1203
CLARA Suite (CLARA Triage, CLARA Treatment, CLARA Litigation, CLARA MSP Compliance, CLARA Optics)CLARA Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1290
Climate Pathway Scenario ServiceMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1207
CoMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing1204
Conning Allocation Optimizer™Conning3Tech guide: Standard listing1173
Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™Conning3Tech guide: Standard listing1174
CurvMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1248
Datalytics-DefenseMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1226
DataValidatorwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1260
DeepCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1284
Demographic Experience Monitoring ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1200
Detech OptimizerDetech Decision Technologies3Tech guide: Standard listing1272
DEventKPMG3Tech guide: Standard listing1275
Economic Scenario Generation (ESG)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1164
Economic Scenario GeneratorOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing1210
Economic Scenarios Generator (CHESS)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1219
Enterprise Pricing Management (EPM)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1165
Escali SupervisionStacc Escali 3Tech guide: Standard listing1171
EXChecker Advanced ValidationFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1193
FactSet Data & Analytics SolutionsFactSet Research Systems Inc.3Tech guide: Standard listing1196
FastPostLegerity 3Tech guide: Standard listing1280
FE Solvency IIFactEntry3Tech guide: Standard listing1282
FIRM® Portfolio AnalyzerConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1175
FIS Insurance Risk Suite (formerly known as Prophet)FIS3Tech guide: Standard listing1252
FLY TechnologyJBA Risk Management3Tech guide: Standard listing1191
ForeCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1285
GEMS® Economic Scenario GeneratorConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1176
GLASSOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing1216
Governance, Risk & Compliance SystemViClarity3Tech guide: Standard listing1167
Grace Connect GRC SuiteGrace Connect SARL3Tech guide: Standard listing1253
GraciRiskBusiness Services Limited3Tech guide: Standard listing1169
HindCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1286
IFRS Assess and Risk AnalyserMBE Consulting3Tech guide: Standard listing1194
IFRS Assess EnterpriseSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1247
IFRS17 SolutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1234
Igloowtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1264
Impact ForecastingAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1274
Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management Incisive Software3Tech guide: Standard listing1168
IntegrateMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1220
Iris Actuarial PlatformGreen13 Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1254
LCP InsurSightLane Clark and Peacock3Tech guide: Standard listing1183
M-PIReMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1250
Matching Adjustment Analytics ToolPrytania Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1256
Milliman Long–term care Advanced Risk Analytics™ (Milliman LARA™)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1249
Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1221
Milliman Payment Integrity (MPI) toolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1251
MM_IFRS17 in Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1227 Cloud Modelling ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1244 Excel Model AdapterSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1246 Mobile ModellerSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1245 Model Development StudioSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1240 Operational Modelling CentreSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1242 Quotations ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1243
ModelSignMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1228
MonitaurMonitaur3Tech guide: Standard listing1283
Montoux Actuarial Automation PlatformMontoux4Tech guide: Premium listing1202
Nodal Claims TriageMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1185
Nodal Medical Benchmarking Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1184
Numerix Insurance SuiteNumerix3Tech guide: Standard listing1289
Oasis LMFOasis Loss Modelling Framework3Tech guide: Standard listing1255
On-Demand CAT Modelling Services on the Oasis PlatformXceedance3Tech guide: Standard listing1218
Optalitix Models and Optalitix QuoteOptalitix3Tech guide: Standard listing1166
Optimum SAAwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1269
PathWiseAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1205
PATOne EDMOTCFin3Tech guide: Standard listing1179
Phinsys Insurance SuitePhinsys limited3Tech guide: Standard listing1170
PinPointMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1233
Portfolio ManagerCyberCube Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1180
Pricing solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1235
PsicleDynamo Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1239
Quantee PlatformQuantee3Tech guide: Standard listing1281
Quotech Underwriters WorkbenchQuotech Ltd3Tech guide: Standard listing1195
Radarwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1265
ReMetricaAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1211
Reserving solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1236
ResQwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1267
ResQ Financial Reporterwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1262
RiskAgility ECwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1261
RiskAgility Financial Modellerwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1268
RiskAgility Standard Formulawtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1266
RiskIntegrity™ SuiteMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1208
RiskonnectRiskonnect3Tech guide: Standard listing1271
R³S Software SuiteRNA Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1177
Scenario Generation SolutionsMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1209
SIImplifyBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1201
Solvency II Compliance Assessment ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1222
Solvency II solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1237
SolvencyToolSolvencyTool ApS3Tech guide: Standard listing1161
SolveXiaSolveXia3Tech guide: Standard listing1178
Spreadsheet WorkbenchFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1192
SS&C Algorithmics for InsuranceSS&C Algorithmics3Tech guide: Standard listing1258
STAR Solutions NAVIMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1229
STAR Solutions VEGAMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1230
TouchstoneVerisk Extreme Event Solutions 3Tech guide: Standard listing1259
True North Data Platform CoreFiling3Tech guide: Standard listing1162
Tyche Capital Model and Tyche (Business Planning and Reinsurance) OptimizerAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1212
Tyche Model GeneratorAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1213
Tyche Pricing SystemAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1214
Tyche Reserving System (TRS)Aon4Tech guide: Premium listing1215
Unifywtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1263
With Profits Payout Monitoring DashboardBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1225
XSGDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing1182
zeb.controlzeb3Tech guide: Standard listing1198
Zenith “Analytics as a Service” Portal and Business ApplicationsZenith Actuarial3Tech guide: Standard listing1186

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