Enterprise Risk Management Technology Guide 2022


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4actuaries.elearn4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1187
4cfl4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1188
4i174actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1190
4Res.T4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing1189
AccuRate FleetMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1231
ADVISE® Enterprise Risk ModelerConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1172
ANNalyticaBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1199
Aptitude IFRS 17 SolutionAptitude Software3Tech guide: Standard listing1288
Aquantec OceanAquantec3Tech guide: Standard listing1181
AriusMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1270
Asseco IFRS 17 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing1238
Asseco S2 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing1223
Atidot AI & Analytics PlatformAtidot 3Tech guide: Standard listing1273
ATOME: MatterBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing1277
ATOME: ParticlesBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing1276
AutoryVirtual Actuary3Tech guide: Standard listing1287
AXIS™ actuarial systemMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1206
Balance Sheet Management (BSM)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1163
BungalowMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1232
BW KIDS 4 PRIIPS ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1224
CALFITECSinalys3Tech guide: Standard listing1257
ChemMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing1203
CLARA Suite (CLARA Triage, CLARA Treatment, CLARA Litigation, CLARA MSP Compliance, CLARA Optics)CLARA Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1290
Climate Pathway Scenario ServiceMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1207
CoMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing1204
Conning Allocation Optimizer™Conning3Tech guide: Standard listing1173
Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™Conning3Tech guide: Standard listing1174
CurvMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1248
Datalytics-DefenseMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1226
DataValidatorwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1260
DeepCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1284
Demographic Experience Monitoring ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1200
Detech OptimizerDetech Decision Technologies3Tech guide: Standard listing1272
DEventKPMG3Tech guide: Standard listing1275
Economic Scenario Generation (ESG)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1164
Economic Scenario GeneratorOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing1210
Economic Scenarios Generator (CHESS)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1219
Enterprise Pricing Management (EPM)MavenBlue3Tech guide: Standard listing1165
Escali SupervisionStacc Escali 3Tech guide: Standard listing1171
EXChecker Advanced ValidationFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1193
FactSet Data & Analytics SolutionsFactSet Research Systems Inc.3Tech guide: Standard listing1196
FastPostLegerity 3Tech guide: Standard listing1280
FE Solvency IIFactEntry3Tech guide: Standard listing1282
FIRM® Portfolio AnalyzerConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1175
FIS Insurance Risk Suite (formerly known as Prophet)FIS3Tech guide: Standard listing1252
FLY TechnologyJBA Risk Management3Tech guide: Standard listing1191
ForeCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1285
GEMS® Economic Scenario GeneratorConning3Tech guide: Standard listing1176
GLASSOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing1216
Governance, Risk & Compliance SystemViClarity3Tech guide: Standard listing1167
Grace Connect GRC SuiteGrace Connect SARL3Tech guide: Standard listing1253
GraciRiskBusiness Services Limited3Tech guide: Standard listing1169
HindCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing1286
IFRS Assess and Risk AnalyserMBE Consulting3Tech guide: Standard listing1194
IFRS Assess EnterpriseSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1247
IFRS17 SolutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1234
Igloowtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1264
Impact ForecastingAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1274
Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management Incisive Software3Tech guide: Standard listing1168
IntegrateMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1220
Iris Actuarial PlatformGreen13 Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1254
LCP InsurSightLane Clark and Peacock3Tech guide: Standard listing1183
M-PIReMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1250
Matching Adjustment Analytics ToolPrytania Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1256
Milliman Long–term care Advanced Risk Analytics™ (Milliman LARA™)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1249
Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1221
Milliman Payment Integrity (MPI) toolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1251
MM_IFRS17 in Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1227
Mo.net Cloud Modelling ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1244
Mo.net Excel Model AdapterSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1246
Mo.net Mobile ModellerSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1245
Mo.net Model Development StudioSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1240
Mo.net Operational Modelling CentreSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1242
Mo.net Quotations ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing1243
ModelSignMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1228
MonitaurMonitaur3Tech guide: Standard listing1283
Montoux Actuarial Automation PlatformMontoux4Tech guide: Premium listing1202
Nodal Claims TriageMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1185
Nodal Medical Benchmarking Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1184
Numerix Insurance SuiteNumerix3Tech guide: Standard listing1289
Oasis LMFOasis Loss Modelling Framework3Tech guide: Standard listing1255
On-Demand CAT Modelling Services on the Oasis PlatformXceedance3Tech guide: Standard listing1218
Optalitix Models and Optalitix QuoteOptalitix3Tech guide: Standard listing1166
Optimum SAAwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1269
PathWiseAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1205
PATOne EDMOTCFin3Tech guide: Standard listing1179
Phinsys Insurance SuitePhinsys limited3Tech guide: Standard listing1170
PinPointMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1233
Portfolio ManagerCyberCube Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1180
Pricing solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1235
PsicleDynamo Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing1239
Quantee PlatformQuantee3Tech guide: Standard listing1281
Quotech Underwriters WorkbenchQuotech Ltd3Tech guide: Standard listing1195
Radarwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1265
ReMetricaAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1211
Reserving solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1236
ResQwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1267
ResQ Financial Reporterwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1262
RiskAgility ECwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1261
RiskAgility Financial Modellerwtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1268
RiskAgility FM IFRS 17 Calculation Enginewtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1291
RiskAgility Standard Formulawtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1266
RiskIntegrity™ SuiteMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1208
RiskonnectRiskonnect3Tech guide: Standard listing1271
R³S Software SuiteRNA Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1177
Scenario Generation SolutionsMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing1209
SIImplifyBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1201
Solvency II Compliance Assessment ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1222
Solvency II solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing1237
SolvencyToolSolvencyTool ApS3Tech guide: Standard listing1161
SolveXiaSolveXia3Tech guide: Standard listing1178
Spreadsheet WorkbenchFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing1192
SS&C Algorithmics for InsuranceSS&C Algorithmics3Tech guide: Standard listing1258
STAR Solutions NAVIMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1229
STAR Solutions VEGAMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing1230
TouchstoneVerisk Extreme Event Solutions 3Tech guide: Standard listing1259
True North Data PlatformCoreFiling3Tech guide: Standard listing1162
Tyche Capital Model and Tyche (Business Planning and Reinsurance) OptimizerAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1212
Tyche Model GeneratorAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1213
Tyche Pricing SystemAon4Tech guide: Premium listing1214
Tyche Reserving System (TRS)Aon4Tech guide: Premium listing1215
Unifywtw4Tech guide: Premium listing1263
With Profits Payout Monitoring DashboardBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing1225
XSGDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing1182
zeb.controlzeb3Tech guide: Standard listing1198
Zenith “Analytics as a Service” Portal and Business ApplicationsZenith Actuarial3Tech guide: Standard listing1186