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Milliman: Solutions for emerging risks

Patricia Renzi, CEO of life technology solutions at Milliman, explains how the firm is developing tools to help insurers deal with the emerging threats of cyber and climate risk

4actuaries.elearn4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing812
4cfl 4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing809
4i174actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing810
4Res.T4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing811
Abacus InsuranceRegnology3Tech guide: Standard listing911
Actuarial Technology SolutionsEY3Tech guide: Standard listing842
ADVISE® Enterprise Risk ModelerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing763
AgenaRiskAgena3Tech guide: Standard listing817
ANNalyticaBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing822
Aptitude IFRS 17 SolutionAptitude Software4Tech guide: Premium listing762
Aquantec OceanAquantec3Tech guide: Standard listing819
AriusMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing792
ASCLEPIUS (Backup and Recovery)SECUREPORT3Tech guide: Standard listing887
Ataccama ONEAtaccama3Tech guide: Standard listing820
Atidot AI & Analytics PlatformAtidot 3Tech guide: Standard listing821
ATOME: MatterBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing828
ATOME: ParticlesBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing827
AutoRekAutoRek3Tech guide: Standard listing902
AutoryVirtual Actuary3Tech guide: Standard listing894
AXIS™ actuarial systemMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing779
BW KIDS 4 PRIIPS ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing823
CALFITECSinalys3Tech guide: Standard listing889
ChemMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing864
CHESSMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing793
CLARA Suite (CLARA Triage, CLARA Treatment, CLARA Litigation, CLARA MSP Compliance)CLARA Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing829
Climate Pathway Scenario ServiceMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing780
CoMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing862
Conning Allocation Optimizer™Conning4Tech guide: Premium listing808
Conning Climate Risk AnalyzerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing764
Datalytics-DefenseMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing857
DataValidatorWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing795
DeepCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing870
Demographic Experience Monitoring ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing826
Detech OptimizerDetech Decision Technologies3Tech guide: Standard listing839
DEventDynacsys3Tech guide: Standard listing840
DICEDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing831
EasyReMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing903
Economic Scenario GeneratorOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing784
Escali SupervisionStacc Escali 3Tech guide: Standard listing888
EXChecker Advanced ValidationFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing846
FactSet Data & Analytics SolutionsFactSet Research Systems Inc.3Tech guide: Standard listing901
FastPostLegerity 3Tech guide: Standard listing853
FE Solvency IIFactEntry3Tech guide: Standard listing843
FIRM® Portfolio AnalyzerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing765
FLY TechnologyJBA Risk Management3Tech guide: Standard listing851
ForeCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing871
GEMS® Economic Scenario GeneratorConning4Tech guide: Premium listing766
GLASSOrtec Finance4Tech guide: Premium listing783
Grace Connect GRC SuiteGrace Connect SARL3Tech guide: Standard listing847
GraciRiskBusiness3Tech guide: Standard listing873
HindCycreask - Earth System Risk3Tech guide: Standard listing872
IFRS Assess and Risk AnalyserMBE Consulting3Tech guide: Standard listing859
IFRS Assess EnterpriseSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing806
IFRS17 SolutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing813
Igloo and Igloo CloudWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing796
Incisive Spreadsheet ManagementIncisive Software3Tech guide: Standard listing848
IntegrateMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing770
Invest | ProFinancial Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing844
KERBEROS (Cybersecurity)SECUREPORT3Tech guide: Standard listing886
Kovrr Cyber Risk ModellingKovrr3Tech guide: Standard listing852
LCP InsurSightLane Clark and Peacock3Tech guide: Standard listing899
LongevitasLongevitas Ltd3Tech guide: Standard listing855
Lucid [ML]Deloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing832
Matching Adjustment Analytics ToolPrytania Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing865
Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing771
MM_IFRS17 in Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing904 Cloud Modelling ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing787 Excel Model AdapterSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing786 Execution ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing788 Mobile ModellerSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing789 Model Development StudioSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing790 Quotations ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing791
ModelGuardianDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing833
ModelSignMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing905
MonitaurMonitaur3Tech guide: Standard listing856
Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes Nasdaq 3Tech guide: Standard listing913
NodalMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing858
Oasis LMFOasis Loss Modelling Framework3Tech guide: Standard listing860
OneView: Operational ResilienceDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing834
OneView: Third PartiesDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing835
OortfolioPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing863
Outsourcing Compliance ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing774
PathWiseAon4Tech guide: Premium listing900
Phinsys Insurance SuitePhinsys limited3Tech guide: Standard listing861
Portfolio ManagerCyberCube Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing830
Predictable DynamicsUltimate Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing892
Pricing solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing814
Process AutomationSolveXia3Tech guide: Standard listing890
Projections ToolkitLongevitas Ltd3Tech guide: Standard listing854
ProphetFIS Insurance Risk Suite4Tech guide: Premium listing807
PsicleDynamo Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing841
PwC’s IFRS 17 IABPwC3Tech guide: Standard listing866
Quotech Underwriters WorkbenchQuotech Ltd3Tech guide: Standard listing867
Radar BaseWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing805
Radar LiveWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing804
RegHubDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing836
ReMetricaAon4Tech guide: Premium listing760
Reserving solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing815
ResQWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing797
ResQ Financial ReporterWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing798
Risk CloudQOMPLX3Tech guide: Standard listing869
Risk ExplorerUltimate Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing891
RiskAgility ECWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing799
RiskAgility Financial ModellerWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing801
RiskAgility Proxy ModellerWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing800
RiskAgility Standard FormulaWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing802
RiskIntegrity™ SuiteMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing794
RiskonnectRiskonnect3Tech guide: Standard listing874
R³S Software SuiteRNA Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing785
SAS Solution for IFRS17 & LDTISAS3Tech guide: Standard listing883
SAS Solution for Solvency IISAS3Tech guide: Standard listing882
Scenario Generation SolutionsMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing782
SIImplifyBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing824
SOLVARAISS Software GmbH3Tech guide: Standard listing849
Solvency II CalculatorISS Software GmbH3Tech guide: Standard listing850
Solvency II Compliance Assessment ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing775
Solvency II solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing816
SolvencyToolSolvencyTool ApS3Tech guide: Standard listing884
SolysMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing906
Spreadsheet WorkbenchFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing845
SS&C Algorithmics for InsuranceSS&C Algorithmics3Tech guide: Standard listing912
STAR Solutions NAVIMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing908
STAR Solutions VEGAMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing907
TALΩS (Remote Management and Monitoring)SECUREPORT3Tech guide: Standard listing885
TouchstoneAIR Worldwide3Tech guide: Standard listing818
TruEra Platform /TruEra Monitoring /TruEra DiagnosticsTruEra3Tech guide: Standard listing915
TrueVoiceDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing837
TycheRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing881
Tyche Capital ModelRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing875
Tyche FlowRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing876
Tyche Model GeneratorRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing877
Tyche OptimizerRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing878
Tyche Pricing System and Tyche Exposure and Accumulation ModelRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing879
Tyche Reserving SolutionRPC Tyche3Tech guide: Standard listing880
UnifyWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing803
UW Decision PlatformQOMPLX3Tech guide: Standard listing868
ViClarityViClarity3Tech guide: Standard listing893
With Profits Payout Monitoring DashboardBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing825
Xceedance On-Demand CAT Modelling Services on the Oasis PlatformXceedance3Tech guide: Standard listing895
XSGDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing838
zeb.controlzeb3Tech guide: Standard listing896
Zenith “Analytics as a Service” PortalZenith Actuarial3Tech guide: Standard listing897

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