Corporate Statements

Willis Towers Watson: Cloud technology takes centre stage

Rob Collinson, global product lead for P&C financial modelling at Willis Towers Watson, explains why insurers increasingly recognise the advantages of cloud technology. He also examines the outlook for capital and risk modelling

RNA Analytics: Helping insurers embrace change

Matthieu Soulas, principal actuarial consultant at RNA Analytics, assesses the major regulatory issues facing insurers. In particular, he explains how the provider can help insurers deal with IFRS 17

RMS: Providing a global view of risk

Moe Khosravy, executive vice president of software at RMS, explains how the Covid-19 pandemic will influence the insurance sector – and why climate risk will be a major area of focus

4cfl 4actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing494
4i174actuaries.com3Tech guide: Standard listing493
ActuAI PlatformQuantee3Tech guide: Standard listing518
ADVISE® Enterprise Risk ModelerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing409
AgenaRiskAgena3Tech guide: Standard listing394
ANNalyticaBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing403
Aptitude IFRS 17 SolutionAptitude Software4Tech guide: Premium listing400
Aquantec OceanAquantec3Tech guide: Standard listing401
Arius and Arius EnterpriseMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing432
Asseco IFRS 17 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing487
Asseco S2 Engine Asseco3Tech guide: Standard listing488
Ataccama ONEAtaccama3Tech guide: Standard listing501
AtidotAtidot 3Tech guide: Standard listing402
ATOME: MatterBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing406
ATOME: ParticlesBusiness Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG)3Tech guide: Standard listing407
AutoRekAutoRek3Tech guide: Standard listing502
AXIS™ actuarial systemMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing443
Betterview Risk Management PlatformBetterview3Tech guide: Standard listing408
BW KIDS 4 PRIIPS ToolBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing404
ChemMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing452
CHESS (Cloud hosted Economic Scenario Generator)Milliman4Tech guide: Premium listing435
CLARA providers; CLARA claims; CLARA litigation; CLARA MSACLARA Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing503
CoMetaPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing450
d3 UnderwritingConvr3Tech guide: Standard listing504
DataValidatorWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing472
Detech OptimizerDetech Decision Technologies3Tech guide: Standard listing415
DEventDynacsys3Tech guide: Standard listing416
DICEDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing509
EasyReMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing433
Escali SupervisionEscali Financial Systems3Tech guide: Standard listing418
Evaluated Pricing and Deal ModellingPrytania Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing453
Experience analysisLongevitas3Tech guide: Standard listing512
FactSet Data & Analytics SolutionsFactSet Research Systems, Inc.3Tech guide: Standard listing393
FIRM® Portfolio AnalyzerConning4Tech guide: Premium listing410
FLY TechnologyJBA Risk Management3Tech guide: Standard listing511
GEMS® Economic Scenario GeneratorConning4Tech guide: Premium listing411
GraciRiskBusiness3Tech guide: Standard listing519
ICRFSInsureware3Tech guide: Standard listing427
IFRS 17 SolutionSecondFloor3Tech guide: Standard listing492
IFRS Assess and Risk AnalyserMBE Consulting3Tech guide: Standard listing513
IFRS17 SolutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing497
IglooWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing473
Igloo Standard FormulaWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing474
Incisive Spreadsheet Risk IntelligenceIncisive Software3Tech guide: Standard listing426
IntegrateMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing434
Invest | ProFinancial Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing419
KovrrKovrr3Tech guide: Standard listing490
Legerity FastPostLegerity 3Tech guide: Standard listing430
Longevitas Projections ToolkitLongevitas3Tech guide: Standard listing431
LucidAIDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing506
MetaRisk ReserveGuy Carpenter3Tech guide: Standard listing423
MetaRisk Tool SuiteGuy Carpenter3Tech guide: Standard listing424
Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing436
MM_IFRS17 in Milliman MindMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing496 Cloud Modelling ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing461 Excel Model AdapterSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing463 Execution ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing464 Mobile ModellerSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing462 Model Development StudioSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing458 Operational Modelling CentreSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing459 Quotations ServiceSoftware Alliance4Tech guide: Premium listing460
ModelSignMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing437
Numerix Insurance SuiteNumerix3Tech guide: Standard listing514
Oasis LMFOasis Loss Modelling Framework3Tech guide: Standard listing446
OneView: Operational ResilienceDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing507
OneView: Third PartiesDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing508
OortfolioPraedicat3Tech guide: Standard listing451
Outsourcing Compliance ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing438
ownR platformFunctional Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing422
PATOne EDM platform + Data Management and Risk Modelling consultancyOTCFin3Tech guide: Standard listing515
Pelican ERMVose Software3Tech guide: Standard listing471
Phinsys Insurance SuitePhinsys limited3Tech guide: Standard listing449
Portfolio ManagerCyberCube Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing505
Prima AnalyticsPrima Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing516
Prima XLPrima Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing517
Profitability solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing498
ProphetFIS4Tech guide: Premium listing421
PsicleDynamo Analytics3Tech guide: Standard listing417
Regulatory Reporting, Actuarial Calculation & Risk ManagementISS Software3Tech guide: Standard listing428
ReMetricaAon3Tech guide: Standard listing398
Reserving solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing499
ResQWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing475
ResQ Financial ReporterWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing476
Risk ExplorerUltimate Risk Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing523
Risk Link / Risk Browser - Risk Intelligence™ (RI) - RMS Cyber SolutionsRMS4Tech guide: Premium listing454
RiskAgility Economic Capital AggregatorWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing477
RiskAgility Economic Proxy ModellerWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing479
RiskAgility Financial ModellerWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing478
RiskAgility Standard FormulaWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing480
RiskIntegrity SuiteMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing444
RiskonnectRiskonnect3Tech guide: Standard listing520
RQECoreLogic3Tech guide: Standard listing412
R³S Software SuiteRNA Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing455
SAS Solution for IFRS17 & LDTISAS3Tech guide: Standard listing522
SAS Solution for Solvency IISAS3Tech guide: Standard listing521
Scenario Generation SolutionsMoody's Analytics4Tech guide: Premium listing445
SIIMPLIFYBarnett Waddingham3Tech guide: Standard listing405
Solvency II Compliance Assessment ToolMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing439
Solvency II SolutionSecondFloor3Tech guide: Standard listing491
Solvency II solutionAddactis3Tech guide: Standard listing500
SolvencyToolSolvencyTool ApS3Tech guide: Standard listing465
SolveXia Process Automation and AnalyticsSolveXia3Tech guide: Standard listing466
SolysMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing440
SpatialKeyInsurity3Tech guide: Standard listing510
Spreadsheet Workbench & EXChecker Advanced ValidationFinsbury Solutions3Tech guide: Standard listing420
STAR ESGWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing481
STAR Solutions NAVIMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing441
STAR Solutions VEGAMilliman4Tech guide: Premium listing442
Sword Operational Risk ManagerSword GRC3Tech guide: Standard listing468
TouchstoneAIR Worldwide3Tech guide: Standard listing395
UnifyWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing482
Ventiv IRMVentiv Technology3Tech guide: Standard listing469
vGridWillis Towers Watson4Tech guide: Premium listing483
ViClarity ERMViClarity3Tech guide: Standard listing470
Xceedance On-Demand CAT Modelling Services on the Oasis PlatformXceedance3Tech guide: Standard listing524
XSGDeloitte3Tech guide: Standard listing414
zeb.controlzeb3Tech guide: Standard listing485
Zenith “Analytics as a Service” PortalZenith Actuarial3Tech guide: Standard listing486

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