Cat risk

  • California drafts rules forcing insurers to write coverage in riskiest wildfire locations

    13 June 2024

    Insurers are using Prop 103 law to write coverage in least risky areas, says CDI

  • Climate change not the biggest driver of insured natural catastrophe losses

    13 June 2024

    Forecasting impact of climate remains an inexact science, says Swiss Re's US head of property underwriting

  • Natcat compounding effects and silent AI are Swiss Re's top emerging risks

    12 June 2024

    The reinsurer's annual Sonar report features 16 emerging risks and their potential impacts

  • Southern German floods likely to cost insurers €2bn, says GDV

    10 June 2024

    June inundations in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg bring major losses

  • Flood Re's CEO Andy Bord to step down

    07 June 2024
  • ECA 2024: Society needs "behavioural change" to close protection gaps, says Petra Hielkema

    06 June 2024

    And insurers can help enact such change, Eiopa's chair adds

  • Climate change not primary driver of insurance hike and collapse of industry is not imminent

    06 June 2024

    Expensive liberal policies not climate to blame for market dynamics, says Iowa Senator Grassley

  • Senate hearing lambasts Florida's "unreliable" insurance market

    06 June 2024

    Insurability crisis could spread to any state as country heads towards an "uninsurable future"

  • MS Amlin and Howden showcase nature-related opportunities in ClimateWise initiative

    05 June 2024

    Case studies reveal how insurers can finance projects that preserve nature and biodiversity

  • McKenzie Intelligence Services updates natcat tool with AI

    04 June 2024
  • US natcat losses for insurers set to hike, warns Deloitte

    30 May 2024

    Homeowner risk contributed to 75% of US P&C losses in 2022, the consultancy finds

  • Hurricane trend is dire in the long-term, warns Moody's

    29 May 2024

    The rating agency has provided its outlook for the 2024 hurricane season

  • US politicians urge FIO to use subpoena for state climate disclosure

    29 May 2024

    Key states including Florida and Louisiana have reportedly rejected NAIC climate data call

  • CCR draws on reserves in 2023, in seventh year since 2016

    29 May 2024

    France's property catastrophe re/insurer scores combined ratio of 107%, according to its SFCR

  • US insurers set for billion-dollar losses from May's storm activity

    28 May 2024