• German life consolidators reveal lapse risk details in 2023 SFCRs

    08 May 2024

    All life firms discussed their experience, mitigation and examinations of policy surrenders

  • Third Point launches Cayman-based life reinsurer

    03 May 2024
  • "Sharp divides" over UK mortality projections brings tricky decisions for insurers

    19 April 2024

    Opinions differ on how much weight to put on 2022 and 2023 experience

  • Prudential Assurance Company's solvency in 2023 remained sub-100% without MA benefit

    08 April 2024

    Group's longevity risk SCR rose in 2023 after long-awaited entry to bulk annuity market

  • Ten steps to help win an InsuranceERM Award

    05 March 2024
  • CMI maintains its outlook for UK mortality in 2023 model revision

    13 February 2024

    Still places no weight on the data for the pandemic period of 2020 and 2021

  • CMI: mortality rates in 2023 were lowest since 2019

    19 January 2024

    Around 173,800 more registered deaths occurred in the UK from all causes, compared to pre-pandemic

  • Only four days left until the Insurance Risk & Capital EMEA conference in London!

    30 November 2023

    There are only four days left until the in-person event takes place in London on 4 December

  • Antimicrobial resistance a "growing but silent" threat to insurers

    18 October 2023

    The reinsurer says the sector should consider this risk in longer-term modelling

  • Excess UK mortality persisting into 2023

    06 October 2023

    Driving factors include Covid-19 related deaths and pressure on the country's NHS

  • RGA completes £5bn UK longevity swap, but no US PRT, in Q2

    08 August 2023

    US life and health reinsurer also closes deal with domestic Japanese insurer

  • Aegon's Dutch health business stress-tests "extreme heat" scenario

    07 August 2023

    Dutch health underwriters reflect on burdened healthcare system in SFCRs

  • Insurers warned of "cliff edge" from rapid advances in genomic diagnostics

    20 July 2023

    Polygenic testing is a game-changer with potential to disrupt insurance, says Jessica Chen

  • Report: insurers eye up potential £30bn BP bulk annuity deal

    10 July 2023

    The transaction would quadruple PIC's £6.5bn buy-in February with RSA Group

  • IFoA awards Stuart McDonald with prestigious Finlaison Medal

    28 June 2023

    It recognises his role in the actuarial profession's response to the Covid-19 pandemic