Eiopa builds its toolkit for Solvency II convergence

Convergence in the implementation of Solvency II is a top priority for Eiopa. Hugo Coelho talks to Andrew Candland, head of the unit tasked with bringing supervisors into line


NAIC meeting roundup: PBR in the pocket, cyber in a mess

State insurance commissioners have taken stock of their efforts to steal a march on federal authorities during their spring get together in New Orleans. Hugo Coelho reports


The regulator who became an innovator

Waleed Sarwar quit a steady job for the thrills and spills of tech entrepreneurship. He talks to Asa Gibson about his experiences so far


Low yield curves and the move to absolute/normal volatilities

Low and negative yield curves pose a major challenge to insurers using Black's formula for interest rate option pricing. Nick Jessop lays out the considerations for a move to absolute/normal volatilities


Insurers to test the limits of MA benefits

Optimisation was one of the terms that stood out in year-end reports, as differences in approaches to asset eligibility and hedging solutions in matching adjustment portfolios emerged. Hugo Coelho reports


Carlos Montalvo: Eiopa was a 9-to-141 job

In his final days in office, Carlos Montalvo talks to Hugo Coelho about his legacy as the executive director of Eiopa and the challenges facing the authority over the next decade


US on countdown for 'right size' reserves reform

At least 10 insurers are participating in a pilot programme on principles-based reserving, as the regulation edges closer to a 2017 launch


Eiopa's Bernardino: We will see if a countercyclical requirement makes sense for insurers

In the second part of an interview with Hugo Coelho, the Eiopa chairman responds to the ESRB report and sets expectations about the looming reviews of Solvency II


Great Eastern's Ronnie Tan: "We support ICS over Solvency II"

Ronnie Tan built Great Eastern's risk management function from scratch 10 years ago. The CRO talks to Sarfraz Thind about Asia's advances in ERM and why Solvency II is not suitable for the region's insurance industry


Eiopa's Bernardino: "Supervisors shouldn't kick the can down the road on low rates"

The chairman of Europe's insurance authority lifts the veil on this year's stress test and discusses with Hugo Coelho the limitations to consistent implementation of Solvency II


Rebooting the role of the CRO

The Lloyd's Market Association's Chief Risk Officer Committee is taking a deep dive into the status and role of the CRO within insurers. InsuranceERM talks to Penny Shaw, the committee's chair, about why and how the group is tackling the question


Are Belgian life insurance lapses lethal?

EU regulators have warned that surrenders are creating liquidity risk for the Belgian life insurance sector, but is there more to the scary headline figures? Hugo Coelho reports


PRA handcuffed by equivalence in brexit scenario

Third-country status could cost UK insurers, Asa Gibson reports


"No one likes volatility - it is a natural reaction"

Doug Caldwell, chief risk officer of NN Group, tells Hugo Coelho about the capital management under the evolving Solvency II framework


Risk qualifications stir up debate on CRO's role

Attempts to professionalise risk management through certification schemes have reopened discussions about the evolving role of the chief risk officer. Asa Gibson reports


The Solvency II reform wish list

How should the EU regulation be changed to encourage economic growth, remove unnecessary burdens, inconsistencies and unintended consequences? InsuranceERM analyses the responses to the Commission's call for evidence


Valuation issues persist for PPOs

Periodical payment orders may be an established part of the UK motor insurance claims landscape but methods for reserving for them are still uncertain, as Rob Treen explains


Breaking down blockchain

Talk about blockchain is reaching fever pitch in financial circles and applications for insurers are beginning to emerge. But confusion is rife and is clouding innovation, as Asa Gibson reports


Germany hits the brakes on its €32bn ZZR

The ballooning level of additional interest rate reserves has prompted reforms to the rules, but few insurers took advantage in 2015. Hugo Coelho reports


ERM: the common theme to the new world of insurance regulation

Rick Marx, Tom Ward and Mark Watson suggest how the pursuit of enterprise risk management can help US insurers find value in the mountain of regulations