InsuranceERM Annual Awards 2023 - Americas

Analytics solution of the year: CyberCube

The fourth version of CyberCube's Account Manager wins the analytics solution of the year category in this year's InsuranceERM Americas awards.

Account Manager V.4.0 is a software-as-a-service tool designed to provide a one-stop solution for insurers looking for a holistic view of cyber risks in the companies they underwrite.

"With cyber risk exposures increasing, evolving, and diversifying at a daunting pace, Account Manager v4.0 gives insurers an unprecedented level of insight into current and potential clients' risk exposures, enabling underwriters to price cyber risk adequately and achieve sustainable growth," a spokesperson for CyberCube tells InsuranceERM.

The solution builds on previous versions of Account Manager and utilises wider work done by CyberCube's experts on various aspects of cyber data and analytics, applying multiple advanced techniques, such as multivariate statistical analysis and predictive forecasting.

In particular, the latest version has a new ransomware model that "enables users to identify entry vectors such as open RDP ports, indicators of compromise and intelligence on the potential for incurred but not reported claims," the CyberCube spokesperson explains.

CyberCube has signed up several new clients that are using Account Manager V.4.0. These include Tokio Marine, QBE and Relm Insurance.

Looking ahead, a spokesperson for CyberCube says it is working on a range of initiatives and has big announcements planned in the coming months.

The spokesperson added CyberCube expects the solution to "continue focusing on improving the effectiveness of its signals and data, its financial loss modelling capabilities and ensuring that its product fits optimally with underwriting workflows".