ERM Insurance

September 16th, 2019
New York

The event features three hubs which together covers all aspects of enterprise risk management at re/insurers in North America.

Hub 1: InsuranceERM
This annual conference is the premier event for CROs, Chief Actuaries and Regulators in the North American insurance market and will bring you up to date with the latest thinking on the most pressing issues facing risk professionals today.

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Hub 2: Insurance Asset Risk
100+ delegates representing insurance companies and their asset managers from all over Europe will gather to discuss investment strategy and asset allocation against the backdrop of issues such as low returns, volatility, geopolitical risks and increased competition.

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Hub 3: Insurance & Climate Risk
At the Insurance & Climate Risk conference we will look at the disruptive cascade effect of physical environmental risks and their impact on insurance risk as well as the threats and opportunities for investment, risk, actuarial and underwriting teams to consider in light to the adverse impacts of climate change.

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