IFRS 17 Conference 2023

29 March 2023, London

Take a practical look at the implications that different interpretations at the IFRS17 implementation phase can have on your initial balance sheet, future profit emergence and ultimately how the business is run.

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InsuranceERM is pleased to announce that our 4th annual IFRS 17 conference this year will return in-person, taking place on 29 March 2023 at Grocers' Hall in London.

With the implementation of IFRS 17 due in January 2023, the insurance sector is beginning to look beyond the surface and understand what changes the IFRS 17 era will bring to business.

Attend this conference to take a practical look at the implications that different interpretations of this new standard can have on your initial balance sheet, future profit emergence and ultimately how the business is run.

The agenda will be available soon.

If you are interested in partnering with us for this event, please contact Adam Jordan at [email protected], to discuss your specific requirements and the opportunities available.

Some of the key areas of discussion include:

IFRS 17’s new KPIs: is there any alignment in the industry?

Has the industry reached a consensus on how to calculate discount rates, risk adjustment, etc?

Communicating the changes: what investors want to hear from insurers as they make the transition to IFRS 17/9 accounts

Leveraging the new accounting standards to improve processes and systems

IFRS 17’s primary and secondary effects on insurers’ business and product design

Best practice on aligning IFRS 17 with Solvency II

Why attend?

150+ Delegates

150+ Delegates

70+ Insurers and Regulators

70+ Insurers and Regulators

20+ Countries

10+ Countries

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Selected 2022 panel videos

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  • "From this event we learned the issue faced at the implementation stage of IFRS 17. This allows us to have a more anticipatory approach to the IFRS 17 regulation instead of reinvent the wheel."

    UAE Insurance Authority

  • "Many key points of the agenda focus on real implementation issues and this is really useful to the discussion."

    International Accounting Standards Board

  • "It was great to see many people from the industry sharing knowledge and technical issues. The power of this conference is to give industry alignment on key issues sparked by the implementation of IFRS 17."


  • "It's been interesting to get insights from different insurers and service providers around what they are doing when it comes to IFRS 17, and what are the challenges they are facing."

    Moody's Analytics

  • "A great opportunity for regulators, standard setters and actuaries from the insurance industry to get together to share knowledge and ideas useful in delivering IFRS 17."


  • "A perfect mixed audience."

    ASR Netherlands