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Moody's Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions. Our deep risk expertise, expansive information resources, and innovative application of technology help our clients confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. We are known for our industry-leading and award-winning solutions, made up of research, data, software, and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. We create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide, with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach, and focus on meeting customer needs. 

To find out more about our products and services please visit https://www.moodysanalytics.com/.


Aptitude Software is the indispensable system in the operation of the finance function. The data in our systems, and the insight we provide, power the decision making and commercial success of our clients. Headquartered in London and Boston, Aptitude delivers finance software to over 80 leading banks, TMT and insurers across the globe, with combined revenues of over $1 trillion.

Aptitude's financial data, regulatory, reporting and accounting software enables the office of the CFO to gain a consolidated, single view of all financial data. It is a central place for accounting process, calculations and reporting. It provides full financial control, agility and the ability to exploit financial data for insights and decision making.

Aptitude Software's functionally rich, easily configurable and highly scalable finance and regulatory software is available via cloud or on premise - offering clients choice and flexibility.

About IBM Watson Financial Services
IBM is working with organizations across the financial services industry to use IBM Cloud, cognitive, big data, RegTech and blockchain technology to address their business challenges. Watson Financial Services merges the cognitive capabilities of Watson and the expertise of Promontory Financial Group to help risk and compliance professionals make better informed decisions to manage risk and compliance processes. These processes range
from regulatory change management to specific compliance processes, such as anti-money laundering, know your customer, conduct surveillance and stress testing.
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To learn more about IBM solutions for regulatory compliance, visit: ibm.com/RegTech


Aon - PathWise®

PathWise® is a cloud-enabled, scalable, and award-winning* High Performance Computing enterprise risk management solution that allows (re)insurers and pension funds to access next generation technology to rapidly solve today's key insurance challenges such as hedge strategy testing, regulatory and economic forecasting, IFRS 17 and budgeting. Further, PathWise® can be used for valuation, pricing, and hedging of all life products including variable annuities.

Game changer

PathWise® holds the promise of changing the traditional approach to risk management, pricing, reporting and economic value-based valuation. Eliminate the need for inaccurate short cuts and assumptions, such as the use of model points and curve fitting, through unparalleled computational power (GPU's) and scalability.

One platform serves all purposes

PathWise® capabilities include Economic Scenario Generator (ESG), liability calculation, asset modelling, reporting and database functionality in one platform in order to efficiently manage your business.

IFRS 17 and Big Data Ready

PathWise® easily handles the largest insurance portfolios and has been tested to load 200+ million policyholders in a single run for IFRS 17 purposes.

Legerity helps clients deliver complex accounting change. Legerity's FastPost Accounting Rules platform provides a 3rd generation solution that meets the new IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17 accounting standards in a fast and non-disruptive manner.

IFRS 17 is an opportunity to go beyond just compliance. Legerity FastPost standardizes data across the enterprise to deliver real benefits: simplified processing, improved reporting, faster close, reduced cost and future-proof scalability.

Available as a SaaS cloud-based fully managed service, FastPost provides highly scalable and on demand performance, giving firms' confidence that IFRS accounting data is available when required.

For further information please visit www.legerityfinancials.com