The second annual Insurance & Climate Risk Americas conference will take place in New York on September 16. 

At the Insurance & Climate Risk conference we will look at the disruptive cascade effect of physical environmental risks and their impact on insurance risk as well as the threats and opportunities for investment, risk, actuarial and underwriting teams to consider in light to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Through keynote presentations, panel sessions and networking discussions, you will hear from our panel of experts about the insurers' role in avoiding the next big source of systemic risk in the financial investment, risk, actuarial and underwriting teams to discuss and learn what roles they can play in response to climate risk as well as its opportunities.

Attend to:

  • Hear from 20+ speakers
  • Gain insights into how climate risk is being considered by CROs, CIOs, Chief Actuaries and Chief Underwriting Officers at insurance companies
  • Join over 100+ delegates (70% of the attendees are insurers or regulators)

Some of the topics that will be discussed this year include:

  • An insurance commissioner’s perspective on climate risk 
  • Engaging with climate risk on both sides of the balance sheet
  • Insuring sustainability to ensure resilience
  • The health of our blue planet – the most important arm under the climate risk umbrella?
  • Emerging markets and the integral role they play in building climate resilience
  • Cat bonds and ILS – a growing market but also a growing market risk?
  • Assessing physical climate risk – innovations in catastrophe risk modelling
  • Litigation and physical risk – a threat to the US economy and insurance industry?
  • Life insurance – why climate risk is not just a concern for P&C
  • Delving into the risks and opportunities for investment strategies

The full agenda will be available soon. For more information please contact [email protected]

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