UK black actuaries network launched

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Companies: Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A network for UK black actuaries has been launched to enable the profession to support the full actuarial talent pool and help broaden its membership base.

Chika Aghadiuno, chair of the Diversity Action Group at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), helped to launch the initiative. In a blog published by the IFoA on 20 October, Aghadiuno said it was pleasing to see the growth of employee networks for different minority groups, but said there is a gap in the UK actuarial profession, which the new network hopes to fill.

The UK Black Actuaries Network has several aims, such as carrying out advocacy and supporting prospective students and colleagues relocating from overseas.

To join the network, connect with Chika AghadiunoMudi Ugono, or Nnamdi Odozi on LinkedIn.

Ronan McCaughey