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The importance of Net Zero for Insurers

Insurance firms play a key role in the transition to Net Zero, and therefore require to have plans in place to support and promote a low-carbon economy.

IFRS 17 Essentials

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A challenging year for insurers

IFRS 17 has been a significant hurdle facing the Insurance industry for almost four years now. However, 2020 saw the added challenges of a global pandemic, a faltering global economy and political uncertainty which added additional complications to an already challenged industry.

IFRS 17 - The RNA Way

IFRS 17 is not just about day-to-day reporting; it also requires insurers to be proactive and have forward-looking systems in place that are fit for large volumes of calculations. This can represent a challenge for certain IT infrastructures, which are at risk of buckling under the computational pressure.


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Optimising model capabilities

Moody's Analytics explains how its software and services can help insurers with their solvency monitoring, reporting and stress-testing requirements in Solvency II

Arming insurers for Solvency II and beyond

The pressures that Solvency II puts on risk and capital modelling are manifest: more information is required within shrinking deadlines, it has to be communicated better and it must be produced with more rigorous governance. FIS explains how its Prophet solution is helping actuaries and risk professionals deliver

A holistic approach

A multi-disciplinary approach is the key to good data management, says MBE, whose unique and innovative business structure has helped clients prepare for the stringent requirements of the Solvency II regime and beyond

Time to move forwards

Milliman's Neil Cantle explains how insurers have responded to Solvency II and how they can leverage their new skills to prosper in a fast-moving world

Delivering pillar 3 reporting

To submit Solvency II data to supervisors, insurers must get to grips with XBRL and automated data handling. In this article, DataTracks explains its approach