IFRS 17 Essentials


A challenging year for insurers

IFRS 17 has been a significant hurdle facing the Insurance industry for almost four years now. However, 2020 saw the added challenges of a global pandemic, a faltering global economy and political uncertainty which added additional complications to an already challenged industry.

IFRS 17 - The RNA Way

IFRS 17 is not just about day-to-day reporting; it also requires insurers to be proactive and have forward-looking systems in place that are fit for large volumes of calculations. This can represent a challenge for certain IT infrastructures, which are at risk of buckling under the computational pressure.

Technology Perspectives from the IFRS 17 Journey

As the implementation deadline for IFRS 17 in 2022 draws ever nearer, the insurance industry is in the midst of preparing for the standard. However companies are at various stages of preparedness from having already started implementation to just preparing the gap analysis or selecting technology vendors.