IFRS 17 Essentials


The CFOs guide to achieving IFRS 17 compliance

Ross E. Chapman spells out the changes that finance teams can expect with IFRS 17 and how they can best prepare for implementation. He also describes the lessons learned from Aptitude Software's development work with clients, and presents the results of a readiness survey of global insurers

The road to better data, systems, processes and control

IFRS 17 is less about reaching its destination – the calculation of closing balances – than the journey it takes to get there. Critical as they are, the standard's calculations are just part of a much bigger picture, covering not only data, systems and processes but also how these elements are controlled. Understanding the key new challenges that insurers must navigate, the team behind FIS' Prophet risk management solution maps out a route to compliance

Making the transition to IFRS 17

Insurers must soon make some crucial decisions in how they will make the transition from current insurance contract accounting rules to IFRS 17. Henny Verheugen, principal and consulting actuary at Milliman, discusses the possible implications of each of the three approaches to transition, and why insurers will need to choose their options carefully