15 January 2024

10 Must-Have GRC Capabilities for Insurance Firms

Access this eBook from Camms to uncover 10 technology capabilities that every insurance firm should be using to streamline & automate their GRC processes.

Insurance companies are entrusted with safeguarding the financial well-being of their clients, offering protection against the uncertainties that life may throw their way. But who protects the insurers themselves from the risks they face? A comprehensive governance, risk & compliance programme is the best way for insurers to protect their assets & ensure longevity.

This eBook from Camms, explores 10 key GRC capabilities that are taking GRC technology – and the insurance firms that use it – to the next level! They explain how firms can automate risk management with online forms, automated workflows, and in-depth analytics. They also explore how organisations can ensure compliance with regulatory obligations, and implement governance, policies, and strategic plans to ensure growth.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • 10 key technology capabilities that every insurance firm should be embracing.
  • How insurers are evolving their GRC programmes to generate operational intelligence - improve their understanding of operations and creating an agile approach.
  • How insurers of all sizes can leverage GRC technology to improve their processes.

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