Market Insight

  • Climate counts - the status of climate adoption into insurance risk management and reporting

    2022 will be remembered as a year of unprecedented progress in climate reporting regulation around the world. The emerging trend is clear - reporting on climate risks and impacts will no longer be voluntary or on a purely 'best effort' basis.

  • Climate scenario analysis for the life insurance sector

    The industry is still in the early stages of climate scenario development. But where do you start?

  • The importance of Net Zero for Insurers

    Insurance firms play a key role in the transition to Net Zero, and therefore require to have plans in place to support and promote a low-carbon economy.

  • CyberCube identifies potential targets in VMware ransomware campaign

    The ongoing automated ransomware campaign ESXiArgs is targeting outdated VMware ESXi hypervisors installed on servers around the world.

  • Data Science and Machine Learning: Unlocking new frontiers in Claims

    How data science and machine learning are transforming the world of insurance and, more recently, the claims operation.

  • Important things you need to know about Net Zero Underwriting

    Moody's Analytics answers some common questions, discussing the related groups and protocols and why it is important to act now.

  • Insurance-associated GHG emissions: The PCAF measurement standard

    Read Moody's Analytics latest whitepaper to learn more about what the new standards mean for commercial lines insurers

  • How to develop and integrate an ESG strategy

    How do (re)insurers tackle incorporating ESG into decision-making? Read Moody's Analytics new joint paper with the Chaucer Group

  • Solvency UK is born

    While questions remain, firms should act now to understand the impacts, influence future direction of technical consultation, and identify opportunities.

  • Decumulation in the UK: prizes for all?

    Decumulation has brought high growth and high returns to many UK life insurers - can this be sustained?