Market Insight

  • UK protection market faces up to a 'new abnormal'

    While UK protection insurers have survived the health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, there's still plenty to consider moving forward.

  • Integrating ESG into portfolio management and underwriting workflows: the state of the market

    Commercial Property & Casualty (re)insurers are implementing ESG scores into portfolio management and underwriting workflows. Understand more about the journey.

  • Moody's Analytics Life Insurer Climate Risk Survey

    How prepared are life insurers for including climate risk modeling into their risk assessment and management processes

  • ESG requires a multi-year, strategic approach from insurers

    Discover the heightened risk and potential missed opportunities for those who drag their feet addressing the practical side of ESG.

  • Climate change - the biggest risk multiplier for the insurance industry

    The Climate Risk for Insurers series examines the complex challenges climate risk presents to insurers' and how to address them.

  • What is next for insurers on climate after COP26?

    What can insurers have done by this time next year to advance ESG principles in their strategy and to support both their own and broader net zero emissions pledges?

  • Approaches to managing the climate risks and opportunities in investment portfolios

    For insurance portfolio and risk managers, there are potentially multiple areas that need to be considered with respect to climate risks, and each poses certain questions that should be answered.

  • Climate disclosure: best practice, regulatory, and TCFD

    In recent years, climate change risk has been upgraded from an emerging risk to a public risk that all firms are expected to monitor and manage.

  • Shining a spotlight on scenario analysis and climate risk

    A look at how scenario analysis can help insurers understand the potential risks and uncertainties associated with different climate pathways.

  • Colonial Pipeline attack underscores potential for criminals to cause large-scale losses

    Cyber catastrophe, meet enterprise ransomware - How the Colonial Pipeline attack underscores the potential for criminals to cause large-scale losses